Real eight-core wind and water, is it a good calculation or a miscalculation?

Not long ago, Xiaomi released a new model of the red rice series - Red Rice Note, this machine is equipped with a 5.5-inch large screen, and equipped with MediaTek MT6592 series of eight-core processor, starting at 799 yuan. But this time it was no longer caused by small-scale squabs among manufacturers, but completely ignited the explosive barrels of the domestic manufacturers' "eight-core price-performance war."

Among these active responders, there are Asusteks who have come to the forefront, Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, which are more and more brave, and Beidou and Gufeng, which have small three- and four-line factories, and Meizu and learning millet models that have always been higher than the top. The system went to the hardware of the Le Frog, and earlier launched the brand equipped with MediaTek's eight-core processor, including Green Orange, Zhuopu and Ou Sheng. It is calculated that almost 80% of domestic mobile phone manufacturers have joined the real eight-core. Product camp. In addition to all of them equipped with MediaTek's eight-core chips, they have chosen the price below 1,000 yuan.

MediaTek's MT6592 series is called the real eight-core, mainly to target and ridicule Samsung. Samsung once launched the 8-core processor on its own flagship mobile phone Galaxy S4 before MediaTek launched the MT6592, but its name is not true. The Exynos 5410 chip, which is known as the eight-core, is actually composed of A7 quad-core + A15 quad-core. It is impossible to realize the simultaneous operation of eight processors, so MediaTek MT6592 is the first eight-core processor in the industry.

However, in the original vision of MediaTek, MT6592 is positioned at the mid-end. MediaTek hopes to use this chip to complete the move from the low-end market to the mid-end market. The problem is that MediaTek has a pig-like teammate, and the first eight-core chip is introduced into the thousand yuan. In the market, it is the first model of the Internet brand launched by Coolpad, which directly disrupts MediaTek’s plan. The manufacturers in the Alibaba Cloud Alliance quickly follow up, and the real eight-core that has been highly anticipated is pulled to the low end. Going high in the market.

However, the problem is here. It is reasonable to say that MediaTek should be vigilant about this and shrink the subsequent shipments to the manufacturers. However, what we are seeing is the sound of thousands of eight-core machines. In fact, this is not the case. Because MediaTek has abandoned itself, but a sudden storm has completely threatened the survival of MediaTek from a higher level, that is the arrival of the 4G era.

The emergence of 4G is accompanied by the three-factor 4G machine strategy of the three major operators, and China Mobile, which is at the forefront of 4G, has agreed to the entry requirements of the five-mode ten-frequency, but the problem is that MediaTek supports five-mode ten. The chip will not be able to achieve mass production until the third quarter, which means that the company will likely suffer at least two quarters of profit decline, which is unbearable for MediaTek. At this stage, the only weapon at MediaTek is to effectively seize it. A true eight-core processor that markets and achieves profit growth.

The other reason that MediaTek had to reposition the status of the true eight-core processor is that the current general hardware surplus pattern, the eight A7 chips of the true eight-core, are not enough for the user's attractiveness and market necessity. The competitor Qualcomm has a cold attitude towards the eight-core processor and vigorously develops the 64-bit processor, which makes MediaTek have a feeling of a one-man show, but correspondingly, the Android 5.0 system capable of supporting 64-bit processors has to wait. The second half of the year will be launched, and the development space of the high-end chip market is beginning to tighten. MediaTek has more advantages in the low-end and mid-range areas, and lowering the positioning of the true eight-core processor will also help MediaTek to compete better.

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