Silicon substrate + UV LED, a natural pair?

For the power problem of UV LEDs , silicon substrates may provide a solution.

It is said that Jingneng Optoelectronics has begun to lay out the UV LED market very early. As early as the first half of 2015, Jingneng Optoelectronics launched a 380-410nm high-efficiency UVA LED product , and the Si substrate high-efficiency high-power UV LED lamp beads once attracted industry attention.

The Si substrate high-efficiency high-power UV LED lamp bead adopts the silicon substrate LED epitaxial technology with independent intellectual property rights, has vertical electrode structure, thermoelectric separation, and adopts ceramic packaging technology, which has higher reliability and better heat dissipation performance. Has better high current performance.

From the third-party test results, the Si substrate high-efficiency high-power UV LED lamp bead showed excellent performance index. The test results of the National Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting Innovation showed that the peak external quantum efficiency reached 67% and the brightness reached 700mW@350mA. , 1000mW@500mA, luminous efficiency and blue LED chip is equivalent, while Droop is far superior to blue LED chip, the performance has reached the international first-class level.

The following are the LPIUG45A product parameters.





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