Curvilux smart bedside table: support wireless charging, music playback, LED lighting

A maker team launched the world's first smart bedside table, Curvilux, at Indiegogo. This bedside table can be connected to a smartphone, a built-in speaker system, and an LED light that simulates the sunrise. Its company said that this is the "first product of the smart furniture platform series."

Curvilux smart bedside table (picture taken from ianpo)

The Curvilux smart bedside table is equipped with two led lights , one for the bedside lamp and one for the smart action night light, which illuminates the floor when you wake up at night. With a Bluetooth connection and a stereo system on the bedside table, users can easily set their favorite music into a morning alarm or listen to rock and roll in bed. The team also added wireless (and USB) charging to the bedside table and a drawer with an electronic lock.

Curvilux smart bedside table (picture taken from ianpo)

Users can switch the drawers and lights of the bedside table through the matching smartphone app, set the alarm clock, and start the sunrise simulation mode. Early adopters can purchase a Curvilux smart bedside table for $179 at the company's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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