64-bit lightning 4K TV cool open U55C sold 2999 yuan, it is worth buying!

With the progress of the times, television has also undergone a series of evolution. While the size of the TV is constantly increasing, it also incorporates the functions of computers and other devices. Internet TV has successfully “squeaked” into our lives. Because the "smart TV" market is delicious, it has caused many TV manufacturers to rob. It is precisely because of this that the war on television circles has not stopped. The beginning of the new year did not stop, Xiaomi and LeTV as the happy family began the new season of the palace fighting drama, this side is fierce, there is cool to open TV low-key announced Cool open "Flash" - Cool open U55c. As a price close to the people, excellent performance, good experience cool open U55C, the current Jingdong Mall price 2999 yuan, interested friends may wish to understand the next.

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Cool open U55C machine uses environmentally friendly materials and processes to manufacture, refused to use electroplating, heavy metals and other materials, not only reflects the idea of ​​environmental protection, but also to avoid the health threat posed by radioactive particles in heavy metals. In the frame design, using ultra-narrow frame design, a very narrow 5.9mm frame. Performance, cool open U55C equipped with quad-core Cortex A53 1.4GHz processor, six-core Mali450 GPU, dual-core quality processor, 4GB dual-channel DDR3 memory +8GB eMMC high-speed flash memory, support for H.265, H.264 hard decoding.

Performance Superman Ten Core 64-bit Processor

4K Ultra HD panel

Cool open U55C can not only display high-quality and delicate picture, the appearance is also very stylish, ultra-narrow frame design, ultra-thin body, without the size of the base is only 123867714mm, very narrow border is only 5.9mm, wall or flat can The perfect fusion with the living room is a work of art in the living room. The unique transparent panel can not only show superb craftsmanship and superior materials from the inside out, but also can reflect its uniqueness. The all-in-one seat hanger can be used for both flat and wall hanging, and is flexible and easy to use. Like friends may wish to pay more attention.

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