ZTE to provide chips, will join the TV box hegemony

ZTE Corporation, as an aircraft carrier-level enterprise in the electronic communications industry, is a barometer of the electronic communications industry and leads the development direction of the electronic communications industry. Nowadays, ZTE's sensitive antennae have gradually extended to the network TV set-top box market (Internet set-top box, also known as OTT). The superior performance master chip for OTT industry developed independently by the Center Microelectronics Research Institute of ZTE, holding Eionsen in hand. ), MYplaye / Maipu two well-known brands of Shenzhen Wonderful Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as infinite wonderful), joined forces to enter the box market, a war to enter the gorgeous staged.
ZTE R & D OTT master chip into the box market fresh power

ZTE is one of the world's leading communications and manufacturing companies. It is also one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions. Its product development covers five major areas, including core networks, wireless products, bearers, service products, and terminal products. It is an electronic communications industry. As a result, its position is beyond the reach of many electronic communications companies. Today, ZTE is directing its future development to the OTT market and developing a super-performance master chip for OTT. ZTE's world-renowned brand influence coupled with its R&D capabilities in the field of set-top boxes, will bring this product to the box market and will certainly occupy a place in the OTT industry.

It is understood that ZTE Microelectronics Research Institute has paid high attention to this super performance main control chip developed for the set-top box industry, and its input of human, material and financial resources is enough to witness ZTE Microelectronics's control of this chip. The importance attached. ZTE has therefore placed a huge amount of effort on it because this super-powerful master chip will become an important bargaining chip for ZTE's successful entry into the box market. Its Center Microelectronics Research Institute is fully responsible for the development of this master chip, and has instilled a new force in the set-top box market.

ZTE Corporation joins hands in the set-top box market

ZTE has launched a series of set-top box products based on its strong R&D capabilities in the field of set-top boxes. ZTE's recently launched ultra-performance master chips for the OTT set-top box industry will further enhance ZTE's R&D capabilities in the field of set-top boxes for ZTE. A firm foothold in the box market to solidify the road.

Nowadays, ZTE will join hands to create brilliant and enterprising OTT market. The strong R&D strength and financial strength will open up a win-win situation in the set-top box industry. It is understood that Shenzhen Unlimited Wonderful Technology Co., Ltd. is also a company with strong scientific research strength. Its subsidiary companies, Aisen and Maipu, are two independent brands that they own. Nowadays, ZTE and Infinity Technologies have reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Super performance chips will inject more powerful internal forces into the development of the OTT industry.

ZTE Corporation's inexhaustible excellence in carrying ultra-performance main control chip network set-top boxes and strong entry into the box market is not only a new technological revolution for the development of the set-top box market, but will also allow more people to benefit from scientific and technological research and development, and provide more enjoyment for people. Rich information services provide convenient conditions.

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