TCL TV+ TV Fun Internet Multi System Multifunction

Smart TVs have completed the “out of poverty”. The days when they were relying on a system to go alone have been lost. TCL TV+ home entertainment smart TV supports three systems: the iQIYI system, the mango system, and the Rubik's cube system.

In the diversified Internet era, how can we not have two brushes? When we talk about playing the Internet, we think of more people using computers, mobile phones and other smart devices. However, few people think of smart TVs that are already hot. Nowadays, smart TVs have completed “out of poverty”. The days when a system was single-handedly on the go was no longer met. TCL TV+ home entertainment TV supports three systems: the iQIYI system, the mango system, and the Rubik's cube system. The TCL TV+ smart TV with several brushes in hand now has the capital of the Internet.


What is the reason why people are ignoring smart TV when they are playing the Internet? In addition to a single system, there is an existing smart TV that only has one platform. In an increasingly diversified Internet era, the ability to use different platforms for switching will inevitably bring about a more convenient and more entertaining experience. We have the idea of ​​playing the Internet, but when we use smart TV, our actions are not catching up with our jumping thinking. This is caused by the constraints of a platform.


"Now WeChat can actually achieve TV barrage, voice control, and private programming? Really convenient, TV + home entertainment TV mighty!" This is a user's true feelings after using TCL TV + WeChat function . Yes, who said that the experience of smart TV is not good enough. TCL TV+ cooperates with Wechat to create the first TV to connect to WeChat. It is proved that multi-system smart TVs can also be used with smart phones such as mobile phones. Wrist.

This is not the first time that TCL TV+ Home Entertainment TV has made a breakthrough. This time, TCL TV+ home entertainment TV has completed the added value of its application functions. As the first television to open WeChat, TV+ home entertainment TV is different from the so-called “WeChat TV” in the market, and it exclusively brings “micro-social” and “micro-manipulation”. ”,” “micro-on-demand”, “micro-channel”, “micro homesickness”, “micro-services” and other six new functions, comprehensively resolve the previous pain points of smart TV experience, and bring new feelings to consumers.

Hand and mouth use to keep up with Internet thinking

In the past, we could only share our feelings about the story with those who watched TV with us. We left television and we could only communicate with friends after the meal. When I met no one, I had to freeze the footage and then photographed it with a mobile phone and send it to a friend. I always thought that I had such a bizarre idea. I did not expect that many people had done so. In fact, this is caused by different people's thinking in the Internet era.


Now TCL TV + Home Entertainment TV allows you to easily achieve these different thinking. It is understood that this TV + home entertainment television has achieved a "micro-social" function. When users watch TV programs, whether they are Tucao or praise will be displayed on the large screen of the TV to achieve WeChat on the wall, let WeChat friends to see To your own review. Now, you can chat with your friends while watching TV.


In addition, the WeChat screen sharing function brought by “micro-social” can also allow you to satisfy your imagination. Seeing the fun TV screen, everyone wants to shoot it and send it to friends for sharing. But taking a photo directly on the TV screen with a mobile phone is very vague and not easy to capture. Now with the screenshot sharing function, the user can take screenshots within 20 seconds before the operation. The pictures are all presented for you to choose. You will never miss a wonderful moment again. This will eliminate the user's concern that the screenshots cannot be clearly seen. See a good shot and quickly get a screenshot!

WeChat control TV mobile phone into remote control

The TV can be switched via WeChat voice control! The friends said that they wouldn’t use the room to find the remote control. It is reported that the WeChat function on the TV+ home entertainment TV also brings a new experience of “micro-control”. The first realization of WeChat voice control TV completely solves the problem that traditional remote controllers are hard to find and operate inconveniently.


Click on WeChat “press and hold”, and the TV immediately acts as if you were instructed to follow your instructions. The whole process is like calling on TV. Through WeChat, the mobile phone becomes a smart console for the TV. As long as you say “talk” and “shake it,” you can complete the complex operations on the TV through WeChat and completely solve the problem of inconvenient operation of the user's TV remote control. Allows users to easily enjoy the ultimate experience.

More platforms to switch more entertainment experience

The "micro-social" function has brought people closer to each other. The "micro-control" function has changed the interactive relationship between people and television. The switching of these two platforms has been very felicitous and appreciated, but our TCL TV + Family WeChat's WeChat app has four other features.


The “micro-on-demand” feature allows users to order 95% of the video resources on the entire network, view all the TV program information of all TV stations within a week, and make reservations for programs of interest to them. The “micro channel” allows users to customize their own private program, collect and edit their favorite programs, and achieve private customization on TV. The “Micro Homesickness” function breaks the history of transferring pictures to television before, allowing people to share exciting moments with their families anytime, anywhere. In addition, through the "micro-services" function, users can solve all after-sales service problems with one-click, making service simpler, faster, and more efficient! TV + TV's differentiated system has different features, to achieve system switching, function arbitrary choice, bring a different experience.


TCL brings together the best resources to turn TV+ home entertainment TV into mid- to high-end products. Its purpose is to provide users with the ultimate in cost-effective product experience and to lead the industry back to the era of high-value products. In this regard, the partner WeChat is also very much recognized, and recognizes that TCL is the first WeChat TV in the real sense at the present stage. Wechat also warned other TV brands that hold the title of "The First WeChat TV."

Some users bluntly said, "Buy TV, you should buy TV + home entertainment TV, this is enough, enough fun." TCL TV + in an increasingly diversified Internet era, can switch to use different platforms to bring more convenient, more entertaining The functional experience has also won the popularity of more and more users.

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