How does Lynx Box connect to a computer? It is so simple

For users who have just purchased Lynx Box, how to connect a computer is the most troublesome thing. Today, Xiaobian teaches small white users how to connect computers, so that you can easily control TV boxes.

The Lynx Box can easily achieve on-demand video on demand. This is one of the factors that users love. The Lynx box connected to the computer has become the most common demand, but for users who have just purchased the Lynx box, how to connect the computer is the most troublesome thing. Today, Xiaobian teaches small white users how to connect computers, so that you can easily control TV boxes.

Materials that need to be prepared: a computer, a VGA to HDMI adapter, a Lynx box.

1. First connect one end of the VGA adapter cable to the computer.

How Lynx Box Connects to Computer

2. Next connect the HMDI interface to the Lynx box.

How Lynx Box Connects to Computer

How Lynx Box Connects to Computer

3. Then connect the power, after booting you can enter the main interface of Lynx box.

How Lynx Box Connects to Computer

Indoor Rental Led Display Features:

1. LED indoor rental screen is moving towards small spacing and high definition, and small Led Display can show more content;

2. Air insertion and quick lock structure are adopted between screens, which are easy to disassemble and assemble, can be maintained in front and back, and can be transported by air box, fast and safe.          

3. The module can be maintained before and after, and the single module can be disassembled for maintenance. When packing, there are positioning posts and strong magnets. There is no seam between modules.          

 4. The cabinet body is of die-casting aluminum structure, with elegant and beautiful appearance, light and thin weight and hard strength.        

  5. According to the requirements of the site, the angle can be adjusted inside and outside, inside and outside plus or minus 15 °, splicing into different shapes.        

6. All aluminum structure, good heat dissipation, no fan, no noise.        

7. The brightness can be adjusted. According to the indoor brightness, adjust the best light effect. 

indooe mobile screen

Indoor Mobile LED Display description: compared with the traditional dance scenery and lighting, the display is single and the vision is tired. It is difficult to bring the visual expectation and the enjoyment of the visual beauty to the audience. LED display is very easy to solve these problems. Shocking visual effect, active performance atmosphere, show more video content. The acquisition of these information is far greater than the effect of traditional dance scenery and lighting.     The indoor mobile rental screen has developed from the original big spacing pixels p7.62, P6 and P4 to the small spacing pixels p2.976, p3.91 and p4.81. The cabinet size has also developed from the original model to the easy to distinguish and install models of 500m * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm.


  Application scenarios: performance rental, stage performance, shopping mall, hotel, wedding, commercial performance, etc.          

 Structure: the box body is made of die-casting aluminum, with internal soft and hard links, external super five types of network cable and aviation plug links, and each box body is equipped with a quick lock.          

Precautions: the screen body is often disassembled, and the edges and corners of the screen body are easy to bump. In the process of transportation, disassembly and installation, pay attention to handle with care. In the purchase process, let the manufacturer more with mask, bottom shell and the same batch of LED lights.

Indoor Rental LED Screen

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