Look at the aircraft on the CANTV Internet TV outlet

The Internet television field has become the focus of attention. The latest case took place on April 14th: Despite met with millet's "clear inventory" and Skyworth's "nothing innovation" and other criticisms, LeTV's so-called "hardware free" days still drew more than 2.3 billion yuan in cash, which is probably This is a "cloning" model in the Internet TV industry after Xiaomi set a rapid growth miracle in the smart phone industry, but this time it was LeTV's first rush.

But did LeTV really grab an opportunity and have an odds? Don't worry. As the saying goes, well-behaved laymen look at the door. In addition to the continuous harassment of these Internet brands such as Xiaomi, and the strong siege of traditional home appliance manufacturers such as Skyworth and Haier, the Internet TV industry has a paralysing role - borrowing a word from Rebs. “Standing in the air, pigs can fly. "It's just like a supersonic combat vehicle that laughs at stupid pigs, a brand called Kansang, who ignores or underestimates such an embarrassing role, and who can't form the right form for the Internet TV industry." Sense of direction and pattern.

Birth is a supersonic fighter with a "license" and "content" engine

Compared with most current smart TV brands focusing on TV terminals, CAN is a superpower with a lot of “special effects”. Looks to be the CIBN (China International Radio and TV Network Station, one of the seven largest licensees of China Internet TV) licensees, and is affiliated with the smart terminal brand owned by China International Broadcasting Corporation under the Guangdong-owned subsidiary Global Tactics. Media strategy terminal business. As a smart terminal brand with national-level full media platform background, licensees, and broadcasting and television genes, CAN, which has attracted much attention from inside and outside the industry, has just launched its Chinese name, Shang Shang.

Behind the scenes, not only is CIBN Internet TV platform's 61 communication languages, full-service media forms, and a strong international media platform for international media, but also includes a large number of outstanding CIBN Internet TV licenses operated by Guangdong. Video content, and a complete industrial ecology from applications, games, TV shopping, and distance education. At present, Kansas (CAN) has formed a huge content resource network. It not only covers more than 50 domestic video content supply platforms such as Youku, Sohu, and PPTV, but also relies on strong policy resources to attract Korean SBS and US NBC. Great Britain, BBC and other global audiovisual giants reached an exclusive cooperation agreement.

We still have three series of brands: CANTV Super TV, CANbox Super Cloud Box, and CANbar Super Sound Blaster. In the future, we will expand to a series of brands such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and smart homes, and realize smart terminal coverage in all areas. Its purpose is to create a new ecosystem of smart home services centered on high-quality smart audio and video devices.

In other words, to look at is not just a speculator who wants to allow Internet TV outlets to go fishing, but to insert the "license" and "content" two major engines, the direction is the pattern of the wisdom of the family and The ecological ecology of the aircraft team, and Fu Qiang as the deputy general manager of the Guangdong side (CIBN Internet TV platform operator), the president of the Global Zhida, and the identity of the founder of the brand, can also manage this operation from the management to the operation. Aircraft team.

Not only that, but also look forward to the forward-looking from its layout VR (virtual reality) highlights - Fu Qiang previously disclosed in an interview with the media, as early as last year, the Global Zhida system and the well-known manufacturers Kangde new establishment For a company, Kangdexin is a polymer material. It acquired the patent of Philips and has a certain reputation in the field of naked-eye 3D display. The new company is dedicated to 3D display, VR technology development and content service platform. In addition, the new company is also doing some VR helmet display, also working with Cameron's team to do some articles on VR content investment, to do some VR experience content, panoramic movies or VR games, etc. Can become the largest VR service platform in the Internet TV industry.

Seeing the Internet TV as a "trivial, extremely sound, extremely controlled" three-pole killer

If the whole industry chain layout is based on the ecological framework of a smart home designed and created based on its own resource advantages and development concepts, the so-called “extremely visible TV” accompanying the launch of the CAN brand Chinese name “ZhiShang” will be launched. It is a big killer that shakes the consumer market.

Mr. Fu Qiang, President of Global Intellectuals and Founder of CAN brand

Fu Qiang firmly believes that the future of Internet TV will surely reach the ultimate in visual experience, even surpassing movies, and become a "significant" sign device. "The best way to experience the video is to fill the retina with a simple, straightforward understanding that particles in the display are not visible at close quarters." However, for some Internet TV brands claiming no pixels within a few meters, Fu Qiang said that this step is not yet a matter of looking at what can be called "extremely explicit" Internet TV because of CAN. All the CANTV Super 4K TVs are already able to achieve this goal, and the 8K Internet TV being developed is yet to reach new heights in display resolution. The "Extreme Display" of CAN is only from " From the perspective of "display" or visual, it is not only required to reach such clearness indicators as 4K and 8K, but also includes the real wide color gamut that approaches the limit of human eye color recognition, and provides the color of SARFT experts and senior movie masters teams to adjust the color. Style and movie film quality. “Extremely obvious” means to look at the revolutionary visual perception of the user that is still being pursued and practiced in the Internet TV field.

In addition, from the user's point of view, the ultimate image is only one of its core appeals to “extremely visible TV”. In fact, what the user needs is an ultimate comprehensive listening and playing solution. It is also based on the user's needs to grasp, "extremely TV" from performance to appearance, from images to sound effects, and even the design of the remote control, are not unusual road.

As the flagship model of “Extremely Displayed TV”, the CAN55 Super TV W55 adopts 12-core power and is equipped with an Android 5.0 system, providing the basic guarantee of ultra high performance. In appearance, the slim metal body with a thickness similar to the iPhone 6 plus is 1.2 mm thinner than a 7th battery. In terms of image performance, it has an international standard of 95% wide color gamut expressiveness, and also has seven major color enhancement techniques such as local contrast enhancement, skin color accuracy, and cross color elimination, and local detail enhancement techniques, analysis engines, and advanced anti-aliasing. Quality optimization technology. Sound effects, W55 built-in fusion DTS 6-channel technology HiFi-class dual-independent audio system, with the gold ear team professional tuning, making "extremely TV" is also a "polar TV", super sound stereo surround. The remote control of intelligent voice control, it is also reflected that the W55 is also a cool "polar TV."

See still CANTV Super TV W55

To sum up, there are clear strategic directions and products, service matrix, exclusive licensing and technical resources, and a "tripolar" TV killer, watching CANTV super-powered TV is bound to accelerate the flight, followed by a Fly into the sky, laugh at the pig's erratic movement while the wind, at the same time, rewrite and build a new pattern of Internet TV and a new order. Therefore, whether it is the pigs that are flying in the new era, such as LeTV and Xiaomi, or Skyworth and Hisense, who are the overlords of the old era, it may be too early to pay attention to seats and to celebrate.

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