LED taillights make driving safer

The new taillights with LED light source have been used in more and more high-end models, including the BWM BMW 7 series with LED as the brake light, the new Audi Audi A8, the new Benz Brunswick S, the Cadillac new sedan and the SUV. Lexus Lexus LS430, 460, and Honda Honda Yahoo and so on.

Compared with the traditional tungsten halogen lamp, the LED tail lamp has the characteristics of fast reaction speed, good identification effect, long service life, high luminous efficiency, strong shock resistance and excellent energy saving effect.

The light signal is the language of the car. The more sensitive light signal can be better understood, and it can more effectively give reminders to other vehicle drivers, and take appropriate evasive actions in time to make driving safer.

10mm Led Strip Connector is connected between the light bar, light bar is constantly presenting various lengths an accessory. Usually, by the light of the width divided into several types of connection fittings.

10mm Strip Connector 10mm Strip Connector

10mm Strip Connector can be divided into waterproof and not waterproof, single and porous. 10mm means the width is 10mm, and this connector is for RGB color led strip. The other materials are the same as 8mm LED Strip Connector.

We focus on LED area, is a high-tech lighting enterprise deal in develop, produce and sales so as 10Mm Strip Connector.

Owns DIP LED,SMD LED professional production lines and LED lighting products lines, the produce volume per month for DIP LED,SMD LED is 50 million pieces, for LED flexible strip light and 10mm Strip Connector is 500 thousands meters, for LED flexible strip light for car is about 200 thousands pairs, for LED tube light is 50 thousands pieces, for LED Spotlights are 200 thousands pieces, for LED ceiling light are 50 thousands pieces.

10mm Strip Connector files:

10mm Strip Connector

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10mm Strip Connector

10mm Strip Connector

10mm Strip Connector

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