Seoul Semiconductor wins "Energy Star" certification to accelerate the pace of the US market

On July 29, 2011, Seoul Semiconductor, a leading global LED supplier (legal representative: Li Yuxun, ) announced today that it was officially recognized as ISO17025-LM80 by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Agency (KOLAS) of the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Certification body. As early as February of this year, Seoul Semiconductor obtained the laboratory certification qualification issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is one of the "Energy Star" third-party certification projects. item.

The EPA certification is based on the entire process performed by a Korean laboratory accreditation body, which includes all steps from EPA registration to certification. Obtaining such certification proves once again that Seoul Semiconductor is capable of completing the LM80 test. The investment in the "Energy Star" certification test has enabled the global LED manufacturer to accelerate its efforts to overcome overseas markets with less effort.

In the LM80 standard, after a 6,000-hour reliability test, the reduction in luminous intensity is measured by numbers. In other words, companies now receive ENERGY STAR certification through their own internal testing. In addition, the “Energy Star” certification has become the certification evaluation standard for the efficacy of electronic products in North America and around the world. Therefore, in the LED industry, the “Energy Star” certification is a high degree of recognition for the company's capabilities.

John S. Bae, vice president of semiconductors in Seoul, said: "Because of the 'Energy Star' certification, Seoul Semiconductor is now able to provide reliable light sources in a faster and more efficient way." He went on to say: "Seoul Semiconductor is not Is a lighting manufacturer, all the lighting companies in the world are our customers, partners and friends, just as Americans will not compare Intel and Apple, please do not compare us with our friends." At the same time, he also corrected some misunderstandings about Seoul's semiconductor business model. He added: "Seoul Semiconductor can now "Energy Star" certification through its own capabilities, saving time and energy. We expect Seoul Semiconductor to be able to manage the entire process from product development to marketing. Improve product quality more effectively to better respond to market changes."

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor is a professional LED manufacturer, ranked fourth in the global ranking released by British photovoltaic market research company IMS Research in 2011. As a true global LED manufacturer, Seoul Semiconductor has more than 6,000 patents, world-class LED technology and production capabilities, as well as independent innovations, such as deep ultraviolet LEDs, and non-polar LEDs including Acriche, while Seoul Semiconductor It is also the world's first manufacturer of commercial mass production AC LEDs. At present, Seoul Semiconductor has 40 overseas sales offices (including three local companies) and 150 agents around the world, dedicated to providing customers with high quality LED products.

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