Renesas Introduces R2A20134EVB, a Simplified Complex LED Control Circuit Design Tool

Renesas Electronics Taiwan has introduced the R2A20134EVB design support tool for the R2A20134 component. When installed on the R2A20134, the new tool will simplify the design of complex LED control circuits. The R2A20134EVB is available in six product versions to accommodate a variety of circuit configurations.

The R2A20134 is an LED driver IC for products such as LED bulbs. Renesas Electronics plans to increase R2A20134 LED driver IC production to 10 million per month in 2014 and provide system design support with the new R2A20134EVB design support tool.

Renesas pointed out that the LED driver MOSFET typically has a withstand voltage of 700 volts, but the R2A20134 can withstand voltages between 500 and 300 volts. Helps reduce overall system cost. In addition, the R2A20134 also offers 92% performance and a power factor of 0.94 for more power savings.

According to Renesas, the DC drive of the LED can be configured in a variety of circuits: the electrical insulation configuration of the converter, the non-insulated configuration with the inductor, and the configuration of the TRIAC dimmer. The six versions of the R2A20134EVB are supported by the various configurations described above, making it easy for customers to choose the version that best meets their target application needs.

In addition, the R2A20134EVB comes with an application description that includes substrate descriptions, evaluation files, parts lists, and auxiliary tools for setting external constants.

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