Taiwanese factory expects LED TV backlight market demand to return to temperature in September

[High-tech LED news] LED TV backlight demand rebounded not as expected, not only in Europe and the United States, China's LED TV backlight demand is also slowing down, LED die factory Jingdian, Yuyuan and LED packaging factory billion light, think August It is also necessary to observe that LED demand is expected to rise again until September.

Billion Light estimates that Q3 revenue will be the same as Q2. At present, Q3 capacity utilization rate is equivalent to Q2, about 70% to 80%. Looking at order visibility, we are looking forward to September. Last Friday, Everlight entered the main upstream grain factory in Taigu, with the addition of Jingdian and Guangjiao. Yiguang holds the largest grain production capacity in Taiwan. It is also a key manufacturer for Taiwan LED to find Haikou. It is expected that Everlight will actively enter the lighting market this year.

Everlight's goal before the end of this year is to account for 10% of lighting. Now, the demand for LED backlights is expected to pick up in September, including the mobile phone keypad backlight market. Yiguang pointed out that the LED TV penetration rate is still working hard this year, and the period can reach 40%.

It is understood that even if the LED TV penetration rate reaches 40% this year, the number of LED TVs is reduced due to the single performance improvement. Therefore, the impact of the reduction of the number of LEDs on the LED die and packaging factory has gradually become apparent. It is expected that the revenue ratio in the first half of this year will be 5:5.

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