AUO Q2 loss exceeds tens of billions of Taiwan dollars, said it will not consider producing OLED before 2014

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan panel maker AU Optronics recently released Q2 earnings report. The financial report shows that the company's Q2 loss reached NT$10.77 billion, which was US$3.7358 billion, and the average earnings per share was NT$-1.22.

AUO decided to reduce the investment of fixed assets by 20-25 billion yuan to reduce the degree of loss. Therefore, the company's 8.5-generation line opened its union and continued to push back.

AUO Executive Vice President Paul Peng pointed out that due to the slowdown in the mainland market, global LCD TV panel shipments are expected to drop to 205 million units, down 4.7% from the same period last year. Therefore, the company will reduce the capacity utilization rate from 82-83% of Q2 to 80%.

He also pointed out that the continued decline in LCD TV prices led to a reduction in panel prices, which made the related product price reduction space less. As a result, LCD TV sales may continue to decline, resulting in lower panel shipments.

Paul Peng also pointed out that the company's main development direction in the future is LED-backlit LCD panels and 3D LCD panels, which currently account for 40-45% and 10% respectively, and there is room for further improvement.

For Apple Apple TV may purchase 55-inch OLED panels from LG and LG will start trial production of OLED products in 2012, Paul Peng said that OLED panels are far lower than the existing LCD panels due to low yield, AUO OLED-related products will not be considered for large-scale production by 2014.

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