5000 round joint loan of 50 million US dollars for the promotion of MOCVD

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan factory Yuanyuan Optoelectronics considers that the mainland has become a key area for LED TV layout, and will be able to supply LGD, Ruixuan, Dongbei and other chip demand in the future. Therefore, Yuanyuan continues to be the investment company Jiangsu Shengyang Optoelectronics has purchased related equipment such as MOCVD to continuously increase production capacity and increase competitiveness.

In order to purchase machinery and equipment and enrich the medium-term working capital, Yuanyuan completed a joint loan of 50 million US dollars (equivalent to NT$1.447 billion) in Taiwan, over-subscription of 64%.

Established in October 2009, Jiangsu Shengyang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of LED epitaxial wafers and chips of gallium nitride (GaN). The major shareholders include Yuyuan, LGD, Ruixuan and Dongbei.

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2.0 Soundbar Speaker

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