LED and incandescent comparison data

Comparison of LED bulbs and ordinary incandescent lamps
8W-LED bulb 60W-incandescent lamp
LED bulbs Incandescent bulbs with full lamp efficiency of 80Lm/W 15Lm/L
25000 hours of service life 1000 hours Product features Energy saving, environmental protection Color rendering index High service life Long luminosity, unsafe and stable, strong earthquake resistance Short life, short time, short start time, low color temperature, easy to break

Comparison of power saving effects:
Comparison conditions:
Constantly bright for 24 hours; ordinary fluorescent lamp has a service life of 3000, LED light lamp has a service life of 50,000 hours; contrast effect:
Name LED Tube Light 9W Traditional Lamp Power 9W 34W
Lamp price 200 yuan 10 yuan / support, bracket 20 yuan
The number of LED lamps used in 50,000 hours 15.7 lamps and 1 bracket
50,000 hours of electricity consumption of 450 kWh 1700 kWh
The total cost of 50,000 hours is 650 yuan. The average annual cost of 1877 yuan is 114 yuan. The average annual savings of 331 yuan is 217 yuan.
1. Voltage: LED uses low voltage Power Supply, the power supply voltage is between 6-24V, depending on the product, so it is a safer power supply than using high voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places.
2. Performance: 80% less energy consumption than incandescent lamps with the same efficacy
3. Applicability: Very small, each unit LED small piece is 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into various shapes and suitable for variable environment.
Stability: 100,000 hours, light decay is the initial 80%
5. Response time: the response time of its incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of LED light is nanosecond.
6. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury
7. Color: Change the current to change color. The light-emitting diode can be easily adjusted by chemical modification method to adjust the energy band structure and band gap of the material to realize multi-color luminescence of red, yellow, green and blue. For example, a red LED with a small current can change to orange, yellow, and finally green as the current increases.
8. Price: Compared to incandescent lamps, LEDs are more expensive.

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