Jin Yi Da recently launched the third generation of LED grid lights

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan's photoelectric component factory Jinyida has started to switch to the LED lighting industry since 3 years ago. With years of advantages in backlight components and mechanism design, LED street lights and various types of lamps have been developed, among which the newly developed LEDs With the advantage of simple installation and civilian price, the grid lamp will have the opportunity to gain market opportunities.

According to reports, the latest LED grid lights have been improved by three generations, using high-efficiency LED light source, perfect heat dissipation design, service life of more than 30,000 hours, can solve the worry of frequent light source, the light surface is processed by laser microstructure It not only emits light evenly, but also has soft light. The exterior is made of high-strength iron plate, which is treated with special anti-rust treatment. Simple and generous, easy to maintain, easy to install, widely used in commercial, office, classroom, home and other indoor places, and the thin design can provide designers with more flexible applications.

Chen Yongquan, general manager of Jinyida, said that the company has broken through the current high-wattage LED heat dissipation on the market. At the same time, it provides different Driver designs according to the needs of LED lamps. The ultra-long-lasting performance has entered the standard of Taiwanese banking purchase and became the Taipei City Government. Assisting the subsidized community to achieve energy-saving cooperation.

Jin Yida said that it is now the target of OEM cooperation among major LED manufacturers in Taiwan. Especially in the case of street lamps, the old street lamp housing can be recycled into LED street lamps. The heat dissipation design of high-efficiency heat pipes and aluminum fins is combined with the light source. Ensure that the LED temperature is kept below 80 degrees, the light decay is less than 10%, and the power can be saved by more than 60%. Chen Longquan said that in the future, OEM and its own brands will go hand in hand to create revenue.

APM offers 3 Phase Ac Power Source system. It`s single 3-phase output Programmable Ac Power Supply which provides with high power density. With high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM technology, active PFC design, It is able to provide not only stable DC/AC output power,but also 3-phase / 1-phase output.

The 3 Phase Ac Power Supply is featured with high power density, high reliability and high precision, meanwhile it possesses operation interface of touch screen and keys manually. It is able to analog output normal or abnormal power input for electrical device to meet test requirements, which is applicable to electric, lighting, aviation sectors, etc. It could be applied to enterprise`s production test as well.

Some features as below:

  • 5.6" large touch color screen, possess complete functions and easy to operate.
  • Support for USB data import/export and screen snap from front panel.
  • AC+DC mixed or independent output mode for voltage DC offset simulation.
  • Capable of setting voltage and current output restriction, support for constant current output mode.
  • Capable of setting output slope of voltage and frequency.
  • Capable of setting ON/OFF phase angle.
  • With reverse current protection to avoid current flowing backward.
  • Built-in power meter, which is capable of measuring 5 electrical parameters per phase, including voltage, current, power, etc.
  • Support mA current measurement function.

Three Phase AC Source System

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