Spike Optoelectronics conducts military development training to build LED lighting steel team

[High-tech LED News] From July 9th to 10th, Shenzhen Spike Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. organized 97 management cadres and conducted a two-day military development training at the Shenzhen National Defense Education and Training Base. Through the militarized development training, it shows the excellent quality of the Spike management team and lays the foundation for creating a SPRAK iron army that can endure hardship, obey, high performance and strive for dedication.

Spike Optoelectronics launched the first phase of the management team's military development training this year, relying on team smelting, with the purpose of sentiment, through experiential militarization, improving the overall quality of the management team, fostering the team spirit of management members, and enhancing management's responsibility. Awareness and competition awareness, comprehensive introduction of high performance and execution management.

The two-day military development training is colorful, compact and targeted. Spike Optoelectronics has carefully organized "military training", "beads and miles", "joint advance and retreat", "inspire people", "save big soldiers", "live and die", "share moments", "digital fax machines", “Joint Customs Clearance” and “360 Degree Concentric Circle” and other expansion projects that are both fresh and interesting and test team spirit, let the management team fully participate, challenge themselves, find happiness in the process, and be sublimated in sentiment.

It is reported that Spike Optoelectronics has formulated a rigorous plan for this military expansion, with the management's comprehensive leadership quality training as the main line, training the team from various aspects such as concept, character, ability, method and knowledge.

For each expansion project, the participants conducted planning, clear division of labor, coordination and cooperation, both orderly competition and useful complementarity, and demonstrated a touching scene of unity, cooperation and mutual support, creating a friendship. The harmonious atmosphere of caring and stimulating collaboration, the members of the training team put down the shelf and casualness, shouldered the mission and responsibility, and exercised the will and perseverance for the future cruel market competition and complicated work.

After two days of solidarity and cooperation, the management of Spike Optoelectronics expressed that it fully felt the strength and warmth of the collective. It also realized the harmony and happiness of the organic integration of personality and commonality. In the process, it learned to communicate, share, cooperate and compete.

After the military parade, the Spike Optoelectronics management team also came to the National Defense Education Exhibition Hall on the second floor of the training base to further enhance the sense of responsibility of the management team and the concept of national defense through lively national defense education, and to stimulate the patriotism of SPRAK people with industrial responsibility. , the ambition of a strong country, and the trip to the country.

Finally, Wu Feng, general manager of Spike Optoelectronics made a concluding speech, hoping that in the future work, employees can continue to maintain a high spirit of fighting spirit, actively carry forward the fine tradition of courage to open up, always remember teamwork and collective honor, to achieve Parker Optoelectronics is harmonious, stable and sustainable, and strives to build an elite team of LED lighting steel.

Spike Optoelectronics is one of the most outstanding LED lighting and new energy companies in China. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been the “industry-reporting country” as its corporate development goal, and has achieved good results in sustained, rapid and healthy development. After eleven years of development, Spike Optoelectronics has become a large-scale modern state-level high-tech enterprise integrating LED lighting product research and development, production, sales and energy-saving services. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of solar photovoltaic lighting and LED lamps in China. And one of the exporters.

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