Yiguang, CHIMEI and other brands won the title of Taiwan's top 100 brands

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Yiguang, BenQ (BenQ) and CHIMEI Chimei brand have been strictly selected in the “Taiwan Top 100 Brand Selection” for more than 6 months, and they have stood out from 498 high-quality brands and won the Taiwan Top 100 Brand title.

Yiguang said that the company has actively built the "EVERLIGHT billion" brand and won this award for the recent "Made in China's first LED lighting brand" published by Yiguang. In the future, Everlight will continue to develop LED products with more applications, and play an important key role in the topic of “energy saving and carbon reduction”.

BenQ Deputy Director Wang Wenzhao said that the BenQ brand will be able to win the recognition of the top 100 brands when it is just 10 years old in 2011. Thank you very much for your recognition. In the future, BenQ will become the ultimate goal of BenQ in order to become a century-old brand and establish brand uniqueness, and the challenge of BenQ has just begun.

Zheng Liangbin, general manager of Chi Mei brand business, said that in 2011, CHIMEI brand not only has to stabilize the first position of Taiwan brand, but also focuses on global marketing, actively manages overseas market brand business and expands new products and new businesses. Become one of the top 10 international brands in Taiwan.

At present, CHIMEI Chimei brand won the "Reputable Brand" Gold Award, "Ideal Brand" Top, "Taiwan Excellence Award", "Taiwan Excellent Brand", "Outstanding Contribution to Marketing Communication - Best Brand", Germany "iF Design Award" and many more The award of the index, once again won the "Taiwan Top 100 Brands" in 2011, making it more stable in the brand market's first place.

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