Nuvoton Technology Introduces Single-Chip Digital Audio IC - ChipCorder® ISD2100

21Cinxin Technology announced the launch of the industry's first single-chip digital audio IC, the ChipCorder® ISD2100, to help industrial and consumer product manufacturers efficiently and quickly design high-quality digital voice or music playback products with audio levels. The highly integrated ISD2100 reduces overall product cost while retaining a flexible design architecture that can be connected to an external microcontroller, built-in digital audio decompression module and Flash memory module for up to 60 seconds of audio content, plus speaker drivers Device and digital audio interface. In addition, it has a very low power consumption (standby mode < 1uA), and can be easily programmed, while greatly improving the sampling rate of audio signals (up to 32KHz) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR 60dB).

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Superior sound quality heritage
The ISD2100 combines the features of "integration and programmable" to help designers develop cost-effective solutions that deliver high-quality audio feedback and audio-logo. product. From the in-vehicle systems such as navigation, radar, car and hands-free systems, to individual emergency notification and warning devices, instrumentation systems and vending machines, medical and industrial applications, this brand has been enhanced with this audio-logo. Image and recognition, and because the market has effectively conveyed the product target information, the user is constantly increasing the strong feeling of the sound and strengthening the demand for the product memory.

In addition, the ISD2100 can be used with touch sensors in industrial and consumer products. The touch sensor instantly turns on the ISD2100 to provide timely alerts or other audible feedback while the entire system is still operating.

"Since the launch of the ChipCorder series, Nuvoton Technology is committed to giving designers the creativity and imagination to imagine the realm they can achieve in voice/audio applications," said Mike Luh, director of product marketing at New Tang (Americas). The ISD2100 is the industry's first true single-chip audio-grade IC that enhances our already successful ChipCorder product lineup with higher programmability, smoother sound quality, and unparalleled functionality, allowing us to Launch cost-effective products in multiple markets."

Integrated design without the need for a microcontroller The ISD2100, developed by Nuvoton's R&D staff, provides designers with a true single-chip solution that can play up to 60 seconds of digital sound in an application. Targets not possible with external components such as microcontrollers, flash memory, digital/analog converters, digital filters, and speaker drivers. The ISD2100 has multiple memory management functions that can be programmed without the need for a microcontroller.

Designers can use the ISD2100's programmable input/output ports (GPIOs) to flexibly launch multiple built-in sound files based on different instruction macro combinations. The ISD2100 can be pre-programmed at the factory or programmed via the SPI interface during manufacturing.

The 20-pin QFN environmentally friendly packaging used in the ISD2100 is currently in volume production.

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