How to share the experience of foreign trade

How to make a phone call? It is estimated that no one will say no, but it is not so easy to make a phone call for foreign trade work. Especially for newcomers, I will talk about domestic and foreign companies. How to make a good phone call.

1. Domestic Telephones First, I talked about making domestic calls. To put it plainly, I need to pay attention to contact with foreign trade companies, factories, and domestic customers. I still agree with the domestic sales of domestic and foreign sales. Many companies with a small scale will separate foreign trade from domestic sales. This facilitates company management and facilitates customer management. For our salesmen, it is not so easy to reach out to me. The learning of the mentioned professional knowledge, because domestic sales tend to emphasize more discussion on the use of this product, I mainly talk about chemical raw materials, other special industries may not apply. And foreign trade is biased towards price, payment terms, modes of transportation, and so on. Some of the common problems that novice clerk frequently commits are also some of the problems that I have long accumulated in the company's internal observation. Please teach me new fingers: Buyer: Hello, how much does the XX product cost? I: What amount is needed? Purchaser: "Test Order: 500KG, please quote the price of a 500KG and 1 Cabinet." I: Check the quotation: 500KG rmb30/KG.1 cabinet 28/KG. This is very common for newcomers to the office. Do not say the basic tone of the call, tone, keep smiling and so on. Please think about the problem of such a phone call. Have you ever taken so many telephone calls this time? It may be possible to make a list. It is undeniable that if a product is very tight and no one in the country produces it, I think that you can speak in any way and receive a list. However, this is unlikely to happen to our salesmen. If this is the case, the boss does not have to hire a clerk. Instead, he directly seeks out relatives. What I have always emphasized is the professionalism of the salesman. This is the case with foreign trade, and it should be the same when answering the phone.

There are several very obvious areas of non-exclusivity in the example I have cited:

1. Did not ask each other company information. If you do not ask for a name and do not record the contact information, you will not be able to follow up with the customer.

2. It is taboo to not make an easy quote when you know the customer. Generally, when we receive calls from some foreign trade companies, we need further detailed information about each other's customers. Of course, the other party tells you that the customer's accurate information is equal to 0, and the foreign trade companies have to make money, but you can ask, for example, your customers. What area is your old customer or a new customer? Has there been a transaction? How long has it been for him? Where did he purchase this product? (For my chemical industry, not for all industries) After all, of course, how to organize these questions and ask them out, as a novice, you need to think for yourself. Among the many questions you ask, you can judge the authenticity of this buyer’s inquiry, and report the price according to the actual situation. Slightly higher and lower, hold yourself.

3. Did you introduce your own company and superior products? In the process of talking slowly, did you ask the customer to understand that our company did not, you can recommend the company's main product to the other party, slowly let customers understand your company, of course, understand the professional level of you, salesman. There are very few clerk who can do this. I have also purchased some products that our company does not have for foreign customers in the country. Eight of the 10 telephones are linked to a single price, and I have not learned anything about it. Their company size, production capacity. After that, few salespersons will call follow-up calls and ask for the results of the orders.

4. There is no timely record of customer information after the call. Check the customer's real information on the Internet, there is no need to msn, qq and other IM tools to facilitate communication. This customer is not a competitor's probe price, if it is, you as a newcomer, dare to immediately call in the past to further ask the situation? Or fling, pull it down. Have you searched for the company's information in the English company name after searching for the company's information to see if they have done any promotion on the website? Did you follow up with the customer to find out how they promoted, how to get some orders, what to do? In the exhibition, every real potential customer is a huge treasure of information. It is because you develop them. It is because you get the phone number and how much effective information is recorded. Do not exclude competitors too much. There is no good saying, no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only eternal interests.