[Golden Globe Award] Zhongheng Paiwei wins the outdoor power supply Golden Globe Award for intelligent leading the future

[Text / high-tech LED Gan Qin] In 2015, China's LED outdoor lighting drive power market has undergone tremendous changes. The intuitive feeling in the market is that competition is more intense, while competitors have decreased, mainly in the market growth rate. Slow down.

According to a survey by the Institute of Advanced Industrial Research LED Research (GGII), the outdoor LED driver power supply market reached 1.45 billion yuan in 2015, a 22% increase from the same period last year, while the growth rate was down 10 percentage points from last year. GGII believes that companies that can survive in the future will surely usher in better development.

As we all know, outdoor lighting is more complicated due to the relatively complex application environment, and the reliability of power supply drive is more strict. In fact, the key to directly affecting the service life of the lighting is the reliability of the power supply drive. There are data indicating that there are more than 70% of LED outdoor lighting failures. The factor is caused by power failure or instability.

As the market gradually becomes more rational, the unilateral price of power supply is no longer the deciding factor of user choice. The quality, performance, reliability and other factors are more valued. Together with the development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, LED power supply This high-speed train will be built to give full play to its high controllability.

In the December 12, 2015 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, Zhongheng Paiwei successfully sold the outdoor power supply high-tech Golden Globe Award with the constant power IoT LED driver power supply PE-P250CC-Cxxx-S-CS series. In this, Zhongheng Paiwei once again won the prestigious award after winning the award last year. Can stand high-efficiency high-power waterproof LED power supply, and Yu Sheng electronic four-in-one dimming power supply won the finalist.

For this Golden Globe Award-winning product, Liu Heng, general manager of Zhongheng Paiwei, introduced the constant power and current adjustable technology, which makes the lighting driver more compatible. When the output current is set freely within a certain range (minimum The current setting can reach 60% of the nominal current value, and the power remains constant, ensuring high efficiency characteristics of the power supply.

In fact, with the gradual standardization of the LED market, outdoor lighting products will eventually be standardized, and as an indispensable key component - LED drive power will be standardized sooner, the current domestic LED outdoor lighting drive power plant Including Kelik, Yusheng Electronics, Moso Power, etc. have launched "relative" standardized products.

Li Shengfa, a senior analyst at GGII, once asserted that LED outdoor power companies that have not yet achieved product standardization and are still in the “various solutions” will gradually fade out of the market.

Zhongheng Paiwei's constant power and current adjustable products play a certain role in product standardization, flexibility and the overall reduction of the overall industry cost. "Due to the application of constant power technology, the power supply specifications have been greatly reduced, and the power supply has been scaled up. The manufacturing capacity has been improved, and the cost of lighting driving has been further reduced, which has greatly promoted the popularization of LED lighting," Liu Haibo said.

In addition, the urban intelligent lighting market is considered to be the next growth point of LED outdoor power supply. Zhongheng Paiwei has a variety of dimming modes such as 0-10Vdc, PWM, resistance, timing, etc., to meet the light control needs of different applications.

In addition, the product has DC12V active output, which can supply power to the electronic products based on the lighting system, making it easier to load smart terminals such as camera monitoring, wireless WiFi, etc., without additional design power and cable, reducing construction. The difficulty plays an active role in promoting the healthy development of the city's smart lighting operation system.

"Therefore, Zhongheng Paiwei's intelligent power supply based on the Internet of Things will definitely lead the development trend of the future power supply." Liu Hailang said.

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