GB/T1843-2008 Test Method for Determination of Impact Strength of Plastic Cantilever Beams

GB/T1843-2008 Test Method for Determination of Impact Strength of Plastic Cantilever Beams

This scheme applies to the following range of materials:

Hard thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials, including filler materials and reinforced unfilled materials, rigid thermoplastic sheet;

Hard thermosetting molding materials, including filled and reinforced materials, hard thermosetting sheets, including laminates;

Fiber-reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, including unidirectional or non-unidirectional reinforcements such as felts, fabrics, textile rovings, staple tow, composite and hybrid composites, glass rovings and broken fibers, and prepreg materials Sheet (prepreg);

Thermotropic liquid crystal polymer.

This solution is generally not suitable for hard porous materials and sandwich materials containing porous materials. In addition, long fiber reinforced composites or thermotropic liquid crystal polymers generally do not use notched specimens.

This program is mainly applied to the plastic products enterprises to carry out plastic incoming materials and product quality inspections. The plan includes the objectives of impact tests, relevant test standards, sample types, and typical test equipment for application and test applications.

1, the impact of the test target

Plastics are used to measure the impact strength of cantilever beams under specified conditions to detect the basic impact mechanical properties of plastic materials.

The characteristic parameters are:

Unnotched Izod Impact Strength: The impact energy absorbed when an unnotched specimen breaks. It is related to the original cross-sectional area of ​​the specimen and is expressed in KJ/m2.

Notched Izod impact strength: The impact energy absorbed when a notched specimen breaks is related to the original cross-sectional area at the specimen notch and is expressed in KJ/m2.

2. Related test standards:

GB/T 1843-2008 Determination of Impact Strength of Plastic Cantilever Beams

GB/T2918-1998 Standard Environment for Conditioning and Testing of Plastic Specimen

GB/T 5471-2008 Plastic thermosetting plastic specimens

GB/T9352-2008 Plastic Thermoplastic Material Specimen Compression Molding

GB/T 11997-2008 Plastics Multipurpose Samples

GB/T 17037.1-1997 Preparation of injection molded specimens of thermoplastics - Part 1: General principles and preparation of multipurpose specimens and strips

GB/T21189-2007 Inspection of Pendulum Impact Testing Machines for Plastic Simple Beams, Cantilever Beams and Tensile Impact Tests

Fibre-reinforced plastics. Methods of test plate production. Injection moulding of BMC and other long-fibre compounds. General principles and moulding of multi-purpose test specimens.

ISO 2602-1980 Statistical analysis of test results. Estimation of mean value. Confidence interval range

ISO 2818-1994 Plastics - Machined preparation of test specimens

BS ISO 10724-1-1998 Plastics - Injection moulding of thermosetting powder moulded composite specimens - Part 1: General principles and moulding of multipurpose specimens

3, sample type: rectangular with a gap and without a gap

4. Typical test equipment for test applications:

4.1 Test Equipment

Test Equipment Standard Configuration: Host + Accessories

The mainframe is equipped with cantilever pendulums with different impact energies to meet the material testing requirements for different impact strengths.

Host: PTM1000 Series Sansi Plastic Pendulum Impact Tester

PTM1000 Series

The machine adopts semi-automatic control, simple operation and high work efficiency. Test data is automatically obtained after impacting the sample. The test chambers and manufacturers that continuously perform impact tests and do a lot of impact tests can better reflect their superiority.

PTM1000 Series LCD Display

Energy display using LMC LCD screen, no need to read data from the dial, no data error, high accuracy and high efficiency.

PTM1000 Series Hanging Pendulum Device

Simple and reliable structure, easy operation


Cantilever beam to choose from: a model: 2.75J, 4J, a model: 5.5J, 11J, 22J

Cantilever pendulum

The pendulum uses a three-dimensional software design to ensure accurate impact constants.

4.2 Sample Preparation Instrument: Injection Molding Machine or Machine Preparation, Notch QTM1000 Notch Sample Preparation System

QTM1000 Notch Sampler

Sample picture

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