Ford's new car equipment pedestrian detection function can automatically brake


On September 27th, Ford recently introduced a new Mondeo car that detects pedestrians in front and issues a warning signal and automatically activates the brakes.

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Mondeo is one of Ford's best-selling mainstream models. Ford has equipped the car with a series of high-tech, pedestrian detection is only one of them.

The new Mondeo's Pre-Collision Assist features Pedestrian Detection, which identifies pedestrians in front of the car and automatically brakes when the driver fails to respond in a timely manner. Ford said that if there is a pedestrian in front of the car, the collision is imminent and the driver will receive an audible and visual warning.

New humanized car

If the driver does not respond, the new Mondeo anti-collision assist system will shorten the distance between the brake pads and the brake disc to improve the reaction speed of the brakes. If the driver still does not respond, the system will automatically activate the brakes. This anti-collision system also prevents car rear-end collisions or reduces the severity of car rear-end collisions.

Among the other technologies of the new Mondeo, the adaptive LED headlights are particularly impressive. Ford claims that by sensitively adjusting the angle and brightness of the headlights, the car's lighting system is close to the definition of daylight. The lighting system has seven different light settings that allow you to choose which lighting settings to use based on the speed of the car, the ambient light environment, the steering angle, the distance of the car in front, and the operation of the wiper.

The new Mondeo upgraded active parking assist system features right-angle parking and the ability to detect suitable parking spaces. Without the driver's control, the new Mondeo can automatically reversing into parallel parking spaces on the side of the road or parking spaces alongside other cars in the parking lot.

Finally, Ford also equipped the new Mondeo with an improved version of the SYNC 2 multimedia device with navigation and real-time monitoring of speed.

Mixed mode

In terms of braking, the new Mondeo adopts the hybrid mode (Mondeo Hybrid), which can be equipped with a variety of engines with different powers, and is equipped with a 1.4kWh lithium-ion battery.

In theory, the new Mondeo seems to be a masterpiece of technology, in line with Ford's tradition of porting high-end car functions to Volkswagen models. On the other hand, the market share of medium-sized cars like Mondeo is getting smaller and smaller, and people are increasingly buying some professional models, such as SUVs and crossovers of various sizes and shapes.

Therefore, no matter how many new technologies Ford has configured for Mondeo, it is difficult to have a big impact on the market. The new Mondeo will be launched in Europe at the end of this year, and the price of the car in the UK is expected to be £19,000.

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