Future light bulbs are intelligent lighting tools

Premier Li Keqiang’s report on the government work of the two associations mentioned: Encourage enterprises to develop personalized and flexible production, foster the spirit of craftsmanship that strives for excellence, increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands. The “artisan spirit” is followed by the supply side as a supplement to the core essence, and its meaning does not need to be said.

In fact, the people in every era are not the entrepreneurs who have injected the spirit of artisans. In 1985, Zhang Ruimin, the director of Qingdao Refrigerator General Factory (now Haier Group), smashed the unqualified refrigerator and Gree, and applied for a total of 20,738 patents, so that Dong Mingzhu Strong and the Internet robbed the media, then, who will be in five years? We believe that people are still craftsmen.

The lamp is one of the simplest and basic smart home products. Wei Xianming brought his classmate Chen Yongxi that our lights should be more intelligent. In fact, the progress of the lights has been great. We know that some lights can be bright and dark according to the outdoor. The sound is automatically opened and closed.

However, there are still cases where the intelligence is not sufficiently intelligent. For example, the electric light cannot sense whether the person is opening or closing at a certain place, the temperature of the lamp is monotonous, and it is not suitable for all scenes, and the switch of the lamp is fixed at a certain place.

The music studio was formally established and the location was selected in Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The early stage company had tried all the way in the whole industry chain. In December 2014, the focus was on the overall solution of intelligent hardware and software. The ginseng voted for their angel round of 1 million yuan and became their third founder. Soon after the product was launched, in August 2015, it received 5 million investment from Wuyue Yuanhang, an investment institution. The company positioned its technology-based enterprise, from the original founder to the current 35, and is expected to increase to 50 in 16 years, including R&D. Engineers will reach more than 80%.

Founder Wei Xianming graduated from Guangxi Normal University in 2010. He is good at hardware design. After graduation, he worked for Midea Motor Group, and his classmate Chen Yongxi is good at software design. Wei Xianming came into contact with Philips' intelligent control lights in 2012. He felt that this should be the future. After thinking for a long time, he couldn't help but started to open in June 2013.

There are two types in the field of home lighting: one is lighting and the other is lighting. The luminaire only brings light to the home, and the lighting needs both light and decorative effects. In the field of home decoration, its attention is actually at the last end. As you can imagine, the newly renovated house first thinks of style, then the sofa, bed, chair, wall... finally match the lamp.

light bulb

However, a lamp needs a lot of roads from raw materials to consumers' homes. The original lighting process chain is usually an upstream parts company, such as a light source company and a driving company. Mid-stream assembly companies, downstream brand-selling companies (including OEM, ODM, foreign trade, etc.), while Wei Xianming is doing an upstream increase in intelligent hardware and software solutions.

The picture above shows the 2.4GRF gateway.

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