Four advantages of enterprise video conferencing

The development of software video conferencing has been around for some years, but so far, the quality of the images that can be transmitted by software video conferencing is still very limited. In the case of lower resolutions, the participants appear to be more blurred. However, enterprises still hope to improve the video quality to the greatest possible extent. With the continuous improvement of processing technology and the emergence of new standard display technology, now companies can obtain video image resolution ratio in the existing video conference system It has increased nearly 10 times before.

The new system that provides high-definition resolution video quality can bring users an immersive experience, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of meetings. At the same time, the plug-and-play functionality and simple control features of the new system are equally important for videoconferencing users.

The predecessor of the video conference system was the TV telephone system, which relied on the cable TV system, and it was also possible to use microwaves to transmit TV signals. However, since the video signal will occupy a large bandwidth without being compressed, too many channels cannot be transmitted, and long-distance transmission will also bring about loss of the video signal and affect the clarity of the image.

With the development of digital technology, the use of digital video compression TV signals has greatly reduced the bandwidth occupancy rate, while providing more channels, and also realized the error correction function of digital video decoding, which can restore almost distortion-free images.

The continuous rise in oil prices has brought great pressure to enterprises. Not only will high oil prices not only make transportation, transportation, logistics and other large oil-consuming households unsustainable, but many business enterprises will also face considerable pressure. The network can greatly reduce expenditures, reduce business costs, and improve efficiency, specifically in these aspects:

1. Video conference The remote video conference function can eliminate the time and space differences, realize remote communication anytime, anywhere, and bid farewell to the cumbersome traditional conference mode.

2. The video conference application can replace the flow of people only through the Internet, realize the steady transmission of video and sound images, achieve the purpose of efficient interaction of remote information, and make it impossible to travel.

3. The use of video conferencing to optimize the enterprise information communication model can accelerate the speed of information transmission, shorten the decision-making cycle and execution cycle, reduce the time cost, and save the cost of internal training, recruitment, conferences, etc.

4. After applying the video conferencing system, while open source and cost-saving, it can also improve the overall operating efficiency of the enterprise, reduce travel expenses, communication expenses and other expenses, achieve green office, so that the enterprise does not need to be bothered by high oil prices

Why build a remote video conference system?

For enterprises, adopting a video conferencing system can immediately grasp the market and gain a competitive advantage. For educational institutions, students and teachers in different regions can be connected to share classroom content and learn from each other. For public agencies, it can provide instant information, increase the safety factor, and provide a key communication tool for various emergencies.

The benefits of the video conferencing software system are only when people see and hear participants in different areas, and feel as if they are in a room. At this time, people can realize the benefits. But now, due to the limitations of processing power, bandwidth and other factors, the quality of video conferencing systems is also limited. In many cases, the "real reality experience" promised by the manufacturer cannot be fully achieved.

Compared with the traditional video conference system, the new high-definition video system solution can provide a resolution 10 times higher than the system 10-15 years ago. The resolution of the current system is called FCIF (352 & TImes; 288 pixels), while the resolution of the HD system is 1280 & TImes; 720 pixels. In a real sense, this is the difference between seeing each other and feeling the other's expression clearly.

Make sure that the system you are using currently uses common standards (such as H.264), rather than certain proprietary protocols. Users all hope that their systems can be interconnected to the maximum to connect more colleagues, suppliers, customers and other enterprises.

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