China's first national-level IoT industry alliance was established

The first national-level IoT industry alliance, the IoT Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, jointly established by major enterprises, scientific research units and organizations in China's IoT industry chain, was established in Beijing on the 24th.

The IoT Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was first initiated by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. The alliance members include China Telecom, Tsinghua University and other 40 influential and representative enterprises in various fields of IoT technology covering production, learning, research and use And units.

According to reports, the main recent work of the IoT Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance is to carry out IoT industrial policy, technology and industry research; second, to integrate and integrate the alliance around the common, key and core technologies that affect and restrict the development of the IoT industry The advantage of member units, carrying out a number of major technological innovations and research activities; the third is to provide Internet-related public services.

The alliance will roll out and implement the national IoT major application demonstration project and application promotion by 2015, build an IoT application promotion service system, and establish a case database with a mature business model. Cultivate and develop IoT characteristic industrial bases and industrial parks, and build a testing and certification service platform for the country and key IoT industry gathering areas. Set up an Internet of Things venture capital fund, study and formulate Internet of Things personal information protection measures, etc.

The chairman of the alliance and the general manager of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation Xiong Qunli revealed that in order to strengthen the overall research and top-level design of the initial stage of the development of the Internet of Things, China Electronics Technology will accelerate the establishment of a general system of Internet of Things with independent intellectual property rights. An autonomous and controllable general software and hardware operating support environment for an IoT application system, which supports the unified description, unified identification, unified transmission, and unified interaction of objects, solves the problem of interconnection and interoperability of IoT application systems, and is widely used in the Internet of Things. The application provides important support.

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