How big is the impact of the "prism door" on the cloud computing industry?

According to foreign media reports, the independent policy think tank "Information Technology and Innovation Foundation" (InformaTIon Technology & InnovaTIon FoundaTIon) in Washington issued a report on Monday saying that because of concerns about the National Security Agency's electronic surveillance project, the US cloud computing industry is In the next three years, it will lose US $ 21.5 billion to US $ 35 billion.

This is also the first time since the NSA ’s electronic surveillance project was exposed, the outside world has seriously evaluated the impact of cloud computing service providers, including Amazon, Google (Weibo) and Microsoft. More and more evidence shows that non-US companies may use the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the Patriot Act to obtain electronic data from third parties because of concerns about the US National Security Agency, other US law enforcement agencies, and national security agencies , They are canceling or reducing the use of US cloud computing service providers.

"Ling Jing" causes US cloud computing industry to lose $ 35 billion

The report pointed out that because the "Ling Jing" project and other monitoring projects were exposed, if foreign customers believe that the risk of storing data in a U.S. company is greater than the benefit, "this will likely bring direct and Permanent impact. "The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation pointed out that the United States has always been a leader in global cloud computing services, but the United States" is also the most profitable and lossiest. "Many economic benefits of cloud computing services, such as jobs and income The increase depends on the ability of the United States to export cloud computing services.

Because of the rapid growth of cloud computing services, concerns about monitoring US cloud computing service companies may be particularly prominent. From 2012 to 2016, with the overall growth of the global IT market nearly 3% per year, the output value of cloud computing services is expected to double to approximately US $ 207 billion. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation pointed out in the report, "Until recently, the vast majority of the expected increase in the global cloud computing service market was monopolized by US companies. Change the market dynamics. "

To complete this survey, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation surveyed members of the Cloud Security Alliance. Among the non-U.S. Companies surveyed, 10% said that they have canceled their cooperation projects with U.S. cloud computing service providers; 56% said they are unlikely to use U.S. cloud computing services. 36% of US companies surveyed said that the exposure of the NSA ’s electronic surveillance programs made it difficult for them to do business in overseas markets.

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation predicts that in the next few years, although the US cloud computing service provider ’s share in the domestic market will remain stable, it will lose 10% to 20% of its share in overseas markets such as Europe and Asia. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation also emphasized that some non-US companies have benefited from it. For example, since the "Ling Jing" project was exposed by Edward Snowden, the revenue of ArtmoTIon, Switzerland's largest hosting company, increased 45% in the following month.

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