Qualcomm fully promotes 802.11ac

Beijing, China, June 5, 2013 -Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that its subsidiary Qualcomm Atheros will vigorously promote 802.11ac with the Qualcomm VIVE â„¢ 802.11ac (11ac) Wi-Fi solution series . Qualcomm Atheros has received strong support from OEM equipment manufacturers in the field of mobile communications and networking. Compared with competitor solutions, 11ac can provide more significant performance advantages in terms of effective range transmission rate and power consumption. In addition, Qualcomm Atheros uses Qualcomm StreamBoost â„¢ technology to upgrade 802.11ac home routers to a higher level, and intelligently identify, classify and manage the growing multimedia application streams in the home, dynamically allocating the bandwidth required by each application stream And speed to ensure the best user experience.

Qualcomm Atheros will use VIVE 11ac solution suites for mobile communications, computers, consumer electronics, and home and enterprise networks to apply to various end products in a variety of market sectors. As more and more smartphones such as Samsung, Pantech, and ZTE adopt mobile solutions based on VIVE 11ac, consumers will gradually understand the performance advantages of 11ac, and there are more than 100 mobile phone and computer product designs in the future. It came out one after another during the month. Qualcomm Atheros will continue to increase the number of Gigabit Wi-Fi networks for more than 35 enterprise access points and operator gateways, as well as 20 retail routers that are under development or already on the market.

Qualcomm Atheros ’1x1 802.11ac solution now provides mobile communication platforms with more than 300 Mbps UDP and TCP transmission throughput, with performance more than three times that of previous 11n solutions. This extraordinary performance can provide more and faster content download and transmission, and can extend the battery life of mobile devices. Qualcomm Atheros ’sharp increase in mobile Wi-Fi capacity will help network operators reduce mobile communications traffic and ease the growing data demand on the network.

The VIVE network platform offers 2x2 and 3x3 options, with a maximum data transmission rate of 866 Mbps and 1.3 Gbps, respectively. To maximize wireless performance, especially in challenging crowded environments, Qualcomm Atheros provides excellent channel flexibility on a packet-by-packet basis, while supporting dynamic bandwidth allocation. This allows VIVE-based routers to flexibly transmit data on 80, 40, or 20 MHz channels based on available bandwidth and the capacity of connected client devices. As a result, high throughput can be provided within the effective range, even in enterprises The same is true for high-density deployment environments such as hotspots. Due to the above advantages and other unique network design elements, routers using Qualcomm Atheros 802.11ac will exhibit excellent performance. For example, NEC-AT Aterm WG1800HP, a HT80-11ac router recently launched in Japan, surpassed its closest competitor in independent tests.

802.11ac can increase wireless bandwidth for home applications and devices. Qualcomm Atheros ’high-performance home router solution uses the company ’s StreamBoost technology to intelligently optimize the network connection into the home. StreamBoost can allocate appropriate bandwidth to each device and application to ensure that every user on the network can get a smooth and reliable multimedia experience. This feature is especially important for service providers who provide paid entertainment content and services, because they need smooth, reliable streaming and simultaneous transmission to multiple devices in the home.

Qualcomm Atheros launched StreamBoost technology in January this year, and the first 11ac router with StreamBoost will be available later this summer. Albert Ling, executive vice president of sales and marketing at D-Link, said: "Starting with our company ’s upcoming gaming router, we plan to provide a network solution that integrates Qualcomm Atheros VIVE and StreamBoost technologies so that D-Link can provide users with the latest Wi-Fi connection function. D-Link users can not only enjoy the best performance of VIVE 11ac at home, but also can manage high-bandwidth activities more properly and get a better user experience, such as games, video or audio streaming. "

Amir Faintuch, president of Qualcomm Atheros, said: "As the number of content and devices in homes, hotspots and corporate networks continues to grow, 802.11ac Wi-Fi will be fast for mobile communications and consumer electronics devices and networks supporting these devices. Become a must-have connection technology. With greatly improved capacity and performance, Qualcomm VIVE will bring a new level of connection experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. life."

For more information on Qualcomm VIVE technology or StreamBoost technology for mobile communications, computers, consumer electronics and home networks, please visit:.

About Qualcomm

American Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) is a global leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies, including Qualcomm ’s technology licensing business (QTL) and most of its patent portfolio. Qualcomm Technology Corporation (QTI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Corporation. Together with its subsidiaries, it operates all engineering, research and development activities and all products and services of Qualcomm Corporation, including its semiconductor business QCT. For more than 25 years, Qualcomm ’s ideas and innovations have driven the evolution of digital communications, connecting people everywhere with information, entertainment, and each other more closely. For more information, please visit Qualcomm's website, blog and Weibo.

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