On Distributed Intelligent Video System

Intelligent video analysis technology needs to have three levels:

· Based on artificial intelligence technology, it can separate the target and background in the foreground;

· Data that independently extracts the details of the foreground target, namely the video Meta Data;

· These Meta Data can also set certain rules to isolate some events and provide them to the system integrators on the market.

There are currently four common architectures for the location of intelligent video in the surveillance system:

· Embedded application. Fully utilize the abundant computing power of network cameras to realize intelligent video;

· Multi-chip type. Borrow additional dedicated CPU or DSP to realize intelligent video;

· Through application software running on DVR or PC;

· Simultaneously borrow front-end embedded applications and back-end software functions to achieve intelligent video surveillance.

Distributed intelligent video task processing

The intelligent video network monitoring system based on the distributed enhanced image processing structure platform can automatically identify a variety of sensitive events through its intelligent video analysis function, thereby providing a higher security level and management for the user's security system.

The distributed enhanced image processing structure divides the traditional processing tasks into two independent parts to complete. The camera performs the front-end processing, while the surveillance video recorder or management software is responsible for the back-end processing. The intelligent network camera in the front-end processing part first separates the target from the environmental interference, then extracts the moving or fixed target, packages the target information and sends it as a separate data stream. The back-end processing is completed by the intelligent network surveillance video recorder or RSM intelligent monitoring management software. The back-end receives and records the target data sent from the camera, then filters the targets or events that match the preset conditions, and finally generates an alarm and performs associated recording. .

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