Brief Introduction of Touch Screen Wireless Video Transmission Technology

There is a wireless video transmission technology in the multimedia conference room system. This technology is realized by a wireless touch screen, that is, displaying a video signal on the wireless control terminal, so that the wireless touch screen not only has the function of controlling the platform, but also can display the monitoring picture The touch screen is more stylish.

Wireless video transmission technology may seem simple, but there are great difficulties, especially in touch screen applications. Wireless channel bandwidth resources are limited, there are many interference factors, and the amount of video signal data is large, and real-time requirements are high. Therefore, the research on wireless video transmission technology has aroused wide interest from scholars at home and abroad. The main difficulties in implementing wireless video transmission technology in a touch screen are: video compression coding technology and video coding real-time technology, in addition to code rate control to ensure the stability and high fidelity of the video screen.

1. Video compression coding technology

The amount of video information data is very alarming. To transmit on a wireless network with limited bandwidth, it must be compressed and encoded. At present, there are two major international standardization organizations-ITU-T and MPEG-that specialize in video encoding methods and are responsible for making fair and unified standards to facilitate the interoperability of various video products. These agreements focus on the best achievements in academia. In addition to various encoding technologies based on international standards, there are many new technologies that have attracted attention.

2. Real-time research on video coding

Due to the particularity of video data, video transmission systems have high requirements for real-time performance. Here we focus on the real-time problem based on the video coding protocol algorithm. Although algorithms such as wavelet coding have many advantages, the complexity of the algorithm is too high, and it is currently difficult to achieve real-time requirements. The following introduces several important links in the protocol-based encoding algorithm, which have an important role in improving the real-time performance of the video encoding system.

3. Research on code rate control

The coding strategy is an important part of the encoder. Rate control technology is one of the key technologies in video communication applications. It is responsible for the coordination between each link of the encoder and the transmission channel and decoder. It has an important position in the encoder. Because the rate control strategy needs to be determined by specific applications, video coding protocols such as H.263 + and MPEG-4 do not specify a specific rate control method.

Because the structure of the video stream is layered, the research on the rate control scheme is generally divided into two layers, namely, image layer rate control and macroblock layer rate control. The main task of image layer code rate control is to determine the output expectation of a frame image before encoding a frame according to the system's expectation of the encoder's output code rate, the system's transmission delay limit, and the degree of overflow of the transmission buffer. The number of bits; the main task of the macroblock layer rate control is to select the appropriate quantization step size for each part of the image according to the desired number of output bits of the frame image determined by the image layer rate control. The main basis for rate control of the macroblock layer is the rate-distortion (Rate-DistorTIon) model.

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