Color light sensor creates new value for smartphones

<p> The penetration of Color Light Sensors on mobile devices will gradually increase. Mobile phone brand manufacturers are competing to offer differentiated design strategies. In addition to introducing ambient (Ambient) and infrared proximity (IR Proximity) light sensors to achieve screen power saving functions, they will continue to introduce color light sensors or integrated The light sensor module enhances image analysis and camera functions, thus driving the demand for related chips to increase in temperature significantly.

Austrian Microelectronics (AMS) technology application engineer Chen Jiawei said that with the increasing competition in mobile phone specifications, brand manufacturers' investment in differentiated design is increasing day by day, and they have recently begun to use higher-level color sensors on high-end models. , To replace the general ambient light sensor; even mainland China and South Korean mobile phone brand manufacturers have taken the lead in introducing color and infrared proximity sensor modules to stimulate more application functions.

Chen Jiawei, Technical Application Engineer, Austrian Microelectronics (AMS)
Chen Jiawei, Technical Application Engineer, Austrian Microelectronics (AMS)

Chen Jiawei pointed out that compared with the ambient light sensor, the accuracy of the color sensor is higher, not only can achieve ± 10% ambient light intensity (lux) conversion accuracy, but also can detect RGB value, color temperature and other information And through the analog-to-digital converter (ADC), I2C bus to the processor, help to improve the white balance of mobile phone photography-calibration function and photo color distortion problems. In addition, due to the gradual fermentation of the trend of flattening mobile phones, manufacturers have to enhance image quality and simultaneously improve the power consumption of large-size panel backlights, which further stimulates infrared proximity and color light sensor models with power saving and image optimization functions. Group requirements.

In fact, the application of light sensors has unlimited imagination space, which can be seen in all image display devices, light-emitting diode (LED) dimming solutions, mobile medical devices and white goods. Especially in smart phones, the environment and infrared proximity light sensors, or products that package the two into modules have almost become standard, mainly used for system power saving functions, such as detecting changes in ambient light and dynamically adjusting mobile devices Backlight intensity of the screen, or use infrared proximity sensing to estimate the distance between the user and the device, a smart energy-saving application that turns the screen on / off in real time.

It is reported that nearly 40 to 60% of the power consumption of mobile phones comes from the screen. By using the environment and infrared proximity light sensors to help the application processor regulate the backlight, the overall system power consumption can be reduced by more than 30%, which has attracted most mobile phone manufacturers to adopt. In addition, the infrared proximity light sensor has other magical effects, such as Samsung ’s recently launched Galaxy S4, which uses this component to grab the position information of the hand to improve the accuracy of the gesture control IC operation and stimulate the supply of light sensors. Vendors are competing for environmental and infrared proximity sensor module solutions.

However, Chen Jiawei revealed that the ambient light sensor technology is very mature and the market has fallen into a bargaining competition; therefore, Austrian Microelectronics turned to a module product focusing on color light sensors and color plus infrared proximity sensors to open up a new blue ocean market. At present, the company has successfully introduced four ADCs in the color light sensor, which can process RGB information at the same time, achieve the industry's best accuracy, and obtain the technological leading position; plus it has a single light sensor, ambient light plus Infrared proximity, color plus infrared proximity modules and other diverse product lineups, so last year, it has achieved a 41% share in the light sensor market, ranking first.

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