Inspur helps Shandong Procuratorate launch the nation's first "prosecution cloud"

June 17, 2013-On June 14, the Shandong Procuratorate and Inspur Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties announced that the construction of Shandong Provincial Inspection Cloud Computing was officially launched. The completion of Shandong's "Procuratorate Cloud" will achieve data uniformity and comprehensive information sharing in 18 provincial-level procuratorates across the province, and it will also be the first "Procuratorate Cloud" launched nationwide, which will play an important role in the demonstration of the domestic prosecution system .

Shandong “Procurement Cloud” will be supported by cloud computing technology. Firstly, building a provincial comprehensive inspection platform will be the starting point, unifying the specifications and standards of the provincial procuratorial organs ’data, building a database with unified storage and centralized management inspection system, and Provide a unified information sharing and service platform for the provincial procuratorial organs; at the same time, it will also build four major business systems on the platform: case management system, investigation information system, government management system, and performance evaluation system. The platform will penetrate the three levels of province, city, and county, break through information barriers, eliminate information islands, achieve a high degree of sharing of information resources and a comprehensive integration of workflow, information flow, and mechanism flow, so as to achieve "horizontal integration, vertical penetration, and interconnection. , Comprehensive sharing ". It enables the prosecution to analyze the various data of the prosecution system of the whole province more quickly and easily, providing a basis for real-time decision-making and command. This is the first information application platform in China that realizes case handling, unified command and dispatch, and real-time dynamic management in the province.

As the development trend of the fourth industrial revolution, cloud computing technology will bring an innovative breakthrough to the informationization of the inspection system. Shandong “Procuratorial Cloud” follows the principles of unified leadership, unified planning, unified standards, unified design, and unified implementation. It focuses on promoting the physical efficiency of procuratorial work, takes the actual demand of procuratorial work as the leading factor, and builds the integration and openness of procuratorial organs throughout the province The goal of the informatization application platform is to build a "information aircraft carrier" and an "information supermarket" with the support of highly shared and comprehensive integration cloud computing technology.

Inspur is currently the only domestic cloud computing leader with IaaS, PaaS, SaaS three-tier integrated solutions and service capabilities. With Inspur's high-end servers, mass storage, cloud operating systems, and information security technologies, it creates leading cloud computing for customers The infrastructure platform, based on the Inspur Smart City service platform, and enterprise, industry, and government information software, terminal products and solutions, fully supports the construction of smart cities, enterprise clouds, and vertical industry clouds. Inspur has extensive experience and successful cases in the field of large-scale data centers and industry cloud applications, and has signed cloud computing strategic cooperation agreements with 26 provinces and cities and more than 10 industries across the country. Inspur has successfully created the country's first health cloud and police cloud for Shandong Province. This construction of inspection cloud will become another successful case of Inspur industry cloud.

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