Atmel's maXTouch controller is selected for more than 30 Windows 8 products

Atmel announced that its maXTouch controller has received more than thirty Windows 8 touch product design choices from tablets to ultrabooks and laptops.

As an engineering technology collaboration vendor of Microsoft Corporation, Atmel has assisted in the development of high-performance touch screen specifications for Windows 8 devices, including initial touch delay, finger separation, and support for up to ten simultaneous finger touches ( Contains edge gestures).

Most of these more than 30 Windows 8 projects driven by Atmel maXTouch controllers will be available at the end of this year. These touch-enabled devices were developed by Microsoft and leading device manufacturers around the world.

Jon Kiachian, vice president of touch product marketing at Atmel, said: "We are pleased to achieve a flawless touch experience through the innovative combination of the maXTouch controller and the easy-to-use and touch-enabled Windows 8 operating system. With the help of Windows 8 operating system, we expect the application of ultra-thin notebooks and notebook computers to the touch function will continue to increase. With our recently released high-performance, low-power mXT3432S touch screen control for the largest 17.3-inch touch screen Atmel further promotes the introduction of touch technology in these new applications. With Windows 8 becoming the preferred operating system for users of various mobile devices, we look forward to continuing cooperation with Microsoft. "

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