ADAS and the Internet of Vehicles are the focus of layout

According to the development stage of smart cars, the development of smart cars is divided into four stages: assisted driving, semi-automatic driving, highly automatic driving and unmanned driving. "Intelligent car technology advances very fast, and the future development prospect is broad. According to the smart car development roadmap, it is currently in the auxiliary driving phase, the semi-automatic driving phase is coming, it is expected to be achieved before 2018, but from the height of automatic driving and no one There are still some distances during the driving phase, which should be realized after 2025.” Jiang Jingfang, vice president of Bosch Chassis Control Systems China, said in an interview with China Securities Journal.

Jiang Jingfang believes that the application of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is at the right time in the assisted driving and semi-automatic driving phases. Take the more mature European car of ADAS as an example, equipped with automatic emergency brake (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), automatic high beam (AHB), collision warning (FCW), adaptive cruise (ACC). Blind point assistance (BLIS), traffic jam assistance, driver attention detection, night vision assistance (NV), traffic sign recognition (TSR), parking assistance (PA), panoramic image total 12 ADAS functions.

The large-scale application of ADAS opens up a vast market space. According to IMS data, the market size of domestic ADAS systems in 2012 and 2013 was 5.04 billion yuan and 6.02 billion yuan respectively, and the compound growth rate was around 20%. The market space is huge in the future. China Merchants Securities believes that in the "Made in China 2025", the National Strategic Advisory Committee has a conservative estimate of the penetration rate of the assisted driving phase in 2020, reaching 50%, combined with the offer of the world's leading ADAS system supplier Mobileye's ADAS early warning system and the next five years. The growth rate of the whole vehicle is expected to reach 70 billion yuan in the auxiliary driving market in 2020.

A-share listed companies have also accelerated their distribution in the ADAS market. Taking the Asia-Pacific shares as an example, since last year, the company has continuously exerted its strength in the field of ADAS. It has cooperated with Elaphe (wheel hub motor), forward-oriented (ADAS) and Titanium Information (Car Network) to initially build its own smart car ecosystem. ring. On February 15 this year, the company signed the "Intelligent Networked Vehicle Cooperation Development Strategy Agreement" with Beijing Automotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Beijing Asia-Pacific Automotive Chassis Systems Co., Ltd., which will research and develop intelligent networked electric vehicle prototypes and wheels. Motor technology, ADAS technology and Titanium Information's car networking thinking are applied to electric vehicles.

Market participants pointed out that the ultimate form of intelligent driving without driver will be the perfect combination of bicycle intelligence and car networking. At the beginning of July last year, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting the "Internet +" Action", focusing on speeding up the research and development, application and standardization of technologies such as car networking and smart cars. The car networking has become one of the important application fields of "Internet +". . Zhongtai Securities believes that the core value of the Internet of Vehicles lies in safety, convenience, energy conservation and environmental protection. The future applications are mainly in mobile management, vehicle management, entertainment, health and personal safety, automatic driving, safety and home interconnection. The annual market size will exceed 250 billion yuan.

In the face of broad market space, in addition to ADAS, the Internet of Vehicles has become a key area for listed companies to deploy smart cars. Taking NavInfo as an example, on January 18th, the company and Neusoft Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement to explore opportunities for cooperation in maps, traffic information, and car networking. The company said that this cooperation with Neusoft Group will rely on Neusoft Group's in-vehicle infotainment, ADAS, T-Box, TelemaTIcs car networking, mobile phone connectivity, and vehicle information security to promote the company's navigation electronic maps and dynamics. More extensive applications of traffic information, high-precision electronic maps and car networking solutions.

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