Xuguang LED lighting project completed the completion of the new energy investment project in Texas

[High-tech LED News] Dezhou City, Shandong Province, in 2011, fully implemented the new energy industry "100 enterprises to expand the scale project", plans to focus on the construction of 102 projects under construction, of which more than 10 billion yuan, over 2 billion yuan 4 10 billion yuan.

Recently, the relevant person in charge of Dezhou New Energy Industry Promotion Office said that up to now, Dezhou New Energy Project has completed an investment of 10.1 billion yuan, exceeding the annual investment plan.

At present, Xuguang's LED lighting industrialization project has been completed. Huangming Solar Group has an annual output of 100 MW crystalline silicon solar cells, Hanergy Holding Group Co., Ltd. 1000mw thin film solar cell manufacturing base, and Shenan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. high-brightness LED outdoor lighting. The industrialization demonstration base and Jingjin Filter Press Group Co., Ltd. have an annual progress of 5,000 polypropylene high pressure diaphragm quick filter presses.

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