Simple interface for microcontroller and sensor output connections

The figure below provides a simple interface solution. The designed signal output is fully compatible with the input stage of the TTL/CMOS circuit and is capable of supporting 500 输出 output load current (pull current) and 100 mA input load current (sink current).

The NPN pull-up resistor is divided into two parts. The upper part (R1) is a high-power terminal, the resistance is 1W, and the resistance is 1K ohm. The lower part (R2) is a low power end with a resistance of 10K ohms and a voltage of 1/4W. There are two other parts of the circuit, Zener diode D1 (depending on the logic potential requirements, optional 5.1V or 3.3V) and capacitor C1. Capacitor C2 is an alternative, used for high frequency when the sensor low frequency signal output Noise suppression.

Zener diodes implement two functions in the design. The main function is to set a stable and safe voltage to ensure the safety of the microcontroller when the converted signal is output. Another feature is to provide a variable output with C1 to ensure power to the MCU. The current capacity of the circuit is up to 7.5 mA, but is sufficient for running low power microcontrollers and LCD displays.

If used for noise suppression, the value of C2 should satisfy the requirement that the time-varying R2xC2 match the maximum operating frequency of the 1/3 sensor or PLC output. Sensors with a maximum frequency above 10 kHz do not require C2 because the cable capacitance meets the filtering requirements. Better quality twisted pair and coaxial cable will bring the best results in terms of signal output.

Only a small number of components are required to provide a safe conversion signal between the industrial and PLD sensors to the microcontroller, and a 7.5 mA capacity for the regulated power supply.

High Bay Light Led Driver

Constant Current LED driver, Ul Dimmable Transformer, With global manufacturing standards and various certifications including CE, UL and FCC, our lighting products are sold in domestic market and are exported to various international markets including US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Africa, Korea etc. We offer a wide range of Led Lighting Solutions which includes LED Linear Lighting or System, , LED Lams, LED High bay lights etc. Maximize beauty of your workplace with our beautiful Warehouse Lighting, Workshop Lighting, Supermarket Lighting and Factory lighting solutions.

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Input voltage: 100-277vac 
output voltage: 25-143vdc 
current: 100mA-8000mA.
Power factor: >0.9

IP degree: IP65
Dimming:0-10V / PWM / RX / DALI.
>=50000hours, 3-5 years warranty.
certificate: UL CE FCC TUV SAA ect.
Constant Current Led Driver High bay light led driver

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High Bay Light Led Driver

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