Super League company today signed Lehman Optoelectronics "selling door" or dust settled

Recently, the Football Association officially announced that the cooperation signing ceremony between Super League and Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics will be held on October 25th, which means that the top-selling "selling door" has been forcibly drawn to the full price. In the 2012 to 2016 season, the LED advertising of the Super League in the market value of 200 million yuan was exchanged for Lehman Optoelectronics with a total value of 21 million yuan.

Previously, various media submitted detailed data analysis and doubts on this incredible cooperation plan of Super League. Since then, relevant people have transferred a "2012 Super Operational Rules", which is surprisingly found. For the market value of the Super League LED advertising board, the "psychological price" of the Super League company is 8 million yuan per minute / season, 12 minutes. It reached 96 million yuan / season. The most obvious reference value is Wanda's annual sponsorship of 55 million yuan, and only 12 minutes of standard, Nike and other big sponsors only 4 to 10 minutes ... even if the general advertising discount, almost five years of cooperation More than 200 million advertising value. Last week, Wei Di also specially invited a business owner from the same industry to go to Beijing to inquire about the cost of the LED advertising board. The reply was 22 million yuan, which is almost the same as the 21 million yuan that the Super League company investigated on its own, and Lu Jun is in charge of the Super League company. The psychological price at the beginning of contact with Lehman Optoelectronics is very different.

The introduction of the LED advertising board is an important measure for improving the environment of the Super League and increasing the added value of advertising in the beginning of the appointment of Wei Di and Yu Hongchen. However, the value of the product has been misunderstood. At the beginning, Wei Di gave Lu Jun’s The standard is even "the Super League company can bear a small amount of fees", and later it is upgraded to "the Super League company does not pay for it."

Li Hong, deputy general manager of Super League, played a decisive role in the introduction of Lehman Optoelectronics. Li Hong, formerly the CEO of Shenzhen Football Club, also held the position of Lehman Optoelectronics. Lehman Optoelectronics used the free supply of Shenzhen Red Diamond. Advertising board and "appearing" Super League, under the introduction of Li Hong, Lu Jun in the measurement of Shenzhen Red Diamond's partner Lehman Optoelectronics, and Changchun Yatai's LED partner Dasheng company, gradually biased towards the former. However, since then, the "selling door" broke out, and the outside world has doubts, including Lu Jun and other internal personnel of the Super League company also fell to the point of blocking the signing of Lehman. However, with the departure of Lu Jun, this agreement has been changed from the "legend" behind the scenes to the reality of black and white.

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