Changsha goes all out to ensure power supply

Changsha City has spared no effort to adjust coal and electricity to ensure the supply of coal for the Huadian Changsha Power Plant, laying a solid foundation for the provincial power supply. As of December 22, the Changsha Municipal Government had allocated RMB 20 million for power generation subsidy for Changsha Power Plant, and transferred 150,000 tons of coal for power plants, exceeding the adjustment made by the provincial government. Coal task.

Huadian Changsha Power Plant is the power support point for the provincial capital Changsha. To ensure that the plant is generating power at full capacity, the Changsha Municipal Government has held several meetings on coal conversion and electricity conservation, and has strengthened its leadership in coal-to-power conservation work. In October this year, the city set up a leading group for the city's coal-conserving and power-saving work with the mayor as its leader, and the city’s relevant departments and units as its members. According to the provincial government's coal supply task and coal quality requirements in Changsha City, and the city's coal reserves, production, and quality, etc., a plan for the adjustment and maintenance of electricity was formulated, and Liuyang City, Ningxiang County, and Heijin Times Changsha Mining Company were required to do it. Well detailed coal transportation plan and coal adjustment fund collection arrangements.

The Changsha Municipal Government signed the responsibility of adjusting coal and electricity with Liuyang City, Ningxiang County and Heijin Times Changsha Mining Company. At the same time, strict implementation of coal standards to ensure the quality of coal. It is required that coal supplied by coal companies must be a coal with a calorific value of more than 3,500 kcal and suitable for coal for power generation. The relevant coal companies are required to supply power coal to the power plant in accordance with quality requirements and shall not be allowed to make false use. The Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision supervises and supervises the quality of electric coal, and investigates and deals with bad behaviors such as doping and false prices, and price reductions. The municipal coal construction bank office will decompose the non-electric coal index of 1 million tons per year into Liuyang City and Ningxiang County, and require the collection of a coal price adjustment fund in full. In order to strengthen the local coal transportation, the city has also opened up a green channel for electric coal transportation in Liuyang and Ningxiang, and sent 140 special permits for coal transportation.

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