LED overcapacity reached 35% in 2011 and will intensify in 2012

According to statistics from a research institute, in the case of low production capacity of various manufacturers, the supply of LED chips in 2011 still reached 174 billion, while the demand for wafers was only 129 billion, and the ratio of oversupply was as high as 35%. LED manufacturers face huge inventory adjustment pressures in the second half of the year. What's more, there are still more MOCVD machines that have not yet fully released their capacity. In 2012, the oversupply situation will intensify, with only patent thresholds and high-tech manufacturers.

The agency believes that the situation of oversupply in 2012 is difficult to solve in the short term, but the demand for LED terminal market continues to grow rapidly. Therefore, in 2012, depending on the performance of individual manufacturers, it will enter the elimination competition of the larger Evergrande.

In South Korea, in addition to Seoul Semiconductor's gradual mutual authorization with the world's top five LED manufacturers, Samsung Electronics Group will also integrate Samsung LEDs. In addition to technically close integration with the semiconductor sector, LEDs produced by the company will supply backlights to mobile phones within the Samsung Group. The proportion of TV backlights will be more effectively improved, and with the global marketing channels of the group, the development of lighting brands is a strong opponent of all LED manufacturers, so only by improving the technical content and patent threshold will have the opportunity to survive in this knockout.

Looking forward to the demand market, global LED-backlit LCD TVs (LED TVs) shipments in 2011 were significantly lower than expected, and LCD TV shipments were also reduced from 220 million units to 203 million units, but with the 2012 London Olympics, And TV brand manufacturers want to launch low-cost LED-backlit TVs to stimulate demand, and it is expected that the number of LCD TVs in emerging markets is expected to increase.

In the LED lighting market, although the commercial lighting market accounts for the largest European and American market, after the European debt crisis, the growth momentum of the European market has been relatively slow, but the projects from the public sector or power plants have shown signs of growth. In particular, the number and scale of outdoor LED lighting and architectural lighting projects in the United States and Australia have continued to increase. The LED streetlight schemes and projects in the eastern United States have grown significantly, and the streetlights released by power plants in Australia have gradually taken shape. The LED bulb market is still progressing rapidly in the Japanese market. As for professional lighting, plant and agricultural lighting (including UV hardening), freezer lighting, etc., will also receive more and more attention from the industry.

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