Google Surpasses Facebook as America's Most Popular Website

Google Surpasses Facebook as America's Most Popular Website December 31 news, according to technology website CNET reports, market research company Nielsen released data show that in 2011 Google has exceeded Facebook to become the most visited website.

According to statistics, Google’s monthly average number of independent visits is 153.4 million, which is higher than Facebook’s 137.6 million. Yahoo ranks third in terms of monthly independent visits of 130.1 million. Microsoft's MSN/Windows Live/Bing and Google's YouTube rank fourth and fifth, respectively.

Although Google is the number one site in the United States, Facebook is the number one social network. Blogger’s monthly number of independent visits was 45.7 million, ranking second; Twitter ranked third (23.5 million).

Google+ has an average of 8.2 million unique monthly visits to WordPress. After com, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

YouTube is the largest video site, with 111 million unique monthly visits. Followed by Vevo (34 million) and Facebook (29.8 million). Hulu had 12.4 million unique monthly visitors, and Netflix (7.4 million) ranked 10th.

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