High-end panel demand Hot Friend, Chi Mei Electric AMOLED capacity is in short supply

It is reported that AUO, Chi Mei Optoelectronics and Jude's subsidiary AMOLED production capacity is in short supply. Under Samsung's promotion of AMOLED mobile phones and tablet computers, Taiwan's supply chain will not be absent, and will be shipped in the second half of the year.

AUO previously said that the capacity of AMOLED and low temperature polycrystalline germanium (LTPS) is exploding and demand exceeds supply. Due to the high demand for thin, high-resolution panels, and the future trend of mobile phones and tablet computers, the demand for high-end panels such as AMOLED and LTPS is very hot.

According to industry insiders, only Samsung can supply AMOLED in large quantities. The Taiwan mobile phone brand manufacturer was previously sold out by Samsung because of the big sale of its products. It was forced to urgently turn to Sony to purchase high-resolution panels. As Samsung leads the AMOLED screen mobile phone trend and set a good sales record, Nokia and HTC and other mobile phone factories require AUO, CMO and Sic Bo to speed up the mass production, so as not to miss the huge business opportunities.

AUO has said that the price and the gross profit of AMOLED are quite good. AMOLED will be produced with 3.5 generations and Singapore's 4.5 generation LTPS factory. The world's top three smart phone customers have already sent samples, and it is expected to mass-produce and ship in the second quarter. Chi Mei said that it plans to mass-produce AMOLED in the second half of the year.

Sic Bo uses an amorphous germanium (a-Si) panel as the backplane of AMOLED, which has the advantages of low cost and high yield. Jude pointed out that it has reached the stage of mass production and is currently giving samples to customers for certification. It is understood that Jude and Yanghua have jointly established a touch panel factory, Haoyang, which has become the best platform for the two groups to jointly collaborate on touch panel business opportunities. AMOLED will be introduced into the HTC power supply chain through the Yanghua pipeline.

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