LG and Intel join hands to create wireless display transmission technology

December 27 news, LG recently formed an alliance with Intel Corporation to create WiDi technology. The technology is a wireless connection medium that connects computers to mobile devices such as large screen TVs, projectors, monitors, etc. through WiFi signals to transmit real-time, high-definition content. It is reported that LG will integrate this technology in the next year's LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV stereo smart TV, becoming the first product in the TV industry to support Intel WiDi technology, allowing users to enjoy WiDi technology without purchasing an adapter. , Direct wireless transmission, instant playback of high-definition programs from laptops or other external mobile devices.

James Chung, general manager of LG Home Entertainment’s business division, said: “This cooperation will bring more convenience to LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV users. WiDi technology will also enable Helps to deepen competition."

The LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV stereo smart TV using WiDi technology can not only transmit stored content, but also can transmit, in real time, high-definition streaming streaming TV programs from video and radio websites such as YouTube. In addition to this, the technology has many advantages, such as no need for active wireless Internet or Wi-Fi connection, without affecting other tasks.

Next, LG and Intel will jointly commit to the marketing of LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV stereo smart TV. This smart TV, which was jointly developed with Intel, will be officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2012.

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