Shenzhen publicized LED lighting to create an intelligent management platform within two years in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen Municipal Government recently issued the "Implementation Plan for the Promotion and Application of LED Lighting Products in Shenzhen" to fully promote the delisting of incandescent lamps, and said that "the problems encountered in the implementation, please reflect to the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee."

Main road lights such as the North Ring need to be reconstructed
The "Notice on the gradual prohibition on the sale of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps" jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, stipulates that sales and imports of 100 watts and above will be banned from October 1 this year. Incandescent lamps for general lighting. The Shenzhen Municipal Government implemented the program on the 9th of the 20th, and proposed the goal of popularizing LED lighting in the field of public lighting for two years.

The "Proposal" requires that the first step in the field of public lighting, that is, urban roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and other financial or state-owned capital investment in the construction of lighting engineering, the implementation of LED lighting products.

From the date of implementation of the scheme, all new lighting projects in the above fields will adopt LED street lights, garden lights and landscape lights, etc.; the original non-LED lighting products will be used for two years, that is, by the end of 2013, in batches and batches. carry out.

The "Proposal" proposes the promotion principle in light of the actual situation in Shenzhen. That is, the urban street lamps are reformed in batches in the order of "first non-main roads, main trunk roads; first underground, rear ground; first old lights, rear new lights", Shennan Avenue, Important cross-regional trunk roads such as Binhai Avenue and Beihuan Avenue and the road sections for the completion of street lighting renovation for the “Welcome to the Universiade” in the past two years. That is to say, the lighting renovation project for the 2011 Grand Canal will be updated again by the end of next year, and all need to be replaced with LED street lights.

Promotion and application will be included in the assessment of energy conservation and emission reduction

The "Proposal" requires that the municipal government and the district governments (new district management committee) and the relevant departments directly under the city sign a responsibility book for the promotion and application of LED lighting products, and include the promotion and application of LED lighting products in energy conservation and emission reduction assessment. All relevant units and departments shall decompose the task of transforming the LED lighting in the public domain into the relevant legal person owners' units in the streets and directly under the jurisdiction, formulate corresponding targets and clarify the time schedule, and vigorously promote them. ,

Starting this month, the district governments (new district management committees) and relevant municipal departments will determine the energy conservation service companies and supervision agencies through bidding and sign relevant contracts. From next month, the energy service company will carry out engineering design, LED lighting procurement and installation, and tracking services in accordance with the contract progress. At the end of the year, relevant departments will start engineering inspection and supervision work.

The "Proposal" requires that each owner unit adopts a public bidding method to select an energy-saving service company and specifically undertake the implementation of the LED lighting project in the public lighting field. The energy-saving service company participating in the bidding shall meet the following conditions: the relevant competent department of the state or the province (city) obtains the record of the energy-saving service company, the registered capital is more than 10 million yuan, and the professional technology is strong, which has the ability to ensure the smooth implementation and stable operation of the project.

Building a citywide street lamp intelligent management platform

How to solve the funds? According to the "Proposal", the municipal finance will solve the funding source of the LED lighting renovation project from the supplementary income of urban public utilities collected with the electricity fee. The new LED lighting construction project invested by the government will be undertaken by the two levels of government in the urban area. The municipal finance will also arrange special funds for the promotion and application of LED lighting products every year for the promotion and promotion of LED lighting products, project inspection and acceptance.

How to popularize social LED lighting? The "Proposal" proposes that in the past three years, in the industrial parks, residential quarters, shopping malls and other lighting fields, about 10 application demonstration projects will be implemented every year to guide the promotion of the application of LED lighting products in the whole society.

The "Proposal" also proposed to build a city street lighting intelligent management platform. Combined with the characteristics of adjustable and controllable LED street lights, the city's development and financial investment construction will create a unified LED street light intelligent management platform. Intelligent control and effective management of road lighting through intelligent management platform.

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