[Multi-Picture] Toshiba released detection quadruped robot will be used in Fukushima nuclear power plant

Recently, Toshiba released a four-legged robot that can be used for nuclear power plant testing. It is reported that the robot will first land in Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to begin its career. The four-legged robot can enter all corners, and its special four legs allow it to climb stairs, safely walk over uneven ground and cross obstacles. In addition, a camera and a radiation dosimeter are mounted on the robot.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was hit by a tsunami in March last year and caused serious consequences. At present, some nuclear power plants are still in a state of ruin due to the residual nuclear fuel. Now, with this four-legged robot, you can complete the inspection without causing casualties.

According to Toshiba, there are two models of the quadruped robot. The larger one is 65kg in weight and 106cm in weight. It can last for 2 hours and its average walking speed is 1km/h. The other one weighs 2kg and the battery life is 1 hour. Both robots can be controlled via a wireless network.

Toshiba said it will continue to improve the quadruped robot - adding radiation shielding, waterproofing and more advanced control activities.

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