Domestic color TV manufacturers account for 80% market share

Domestic color TV manufacturers account for 80% market share The industry expects that the overall market share of color TV manufacturers by the end of this year will reach 80%, and by 2013, the market share in emerging economies will reach 60%.

Domestic TV manufacturers, such as TC, Hisense, Skyworth, and other rapid growth at the same time, other color TV manufacturers such as Sony's sales in Japan declined sharply. As of the third quarter of 2012, Sony witnessed its color TV business's market share in China fell from 5.9% to 4.4%, while Panasonic and Toshiba watched as their market share in China's color TV fell below 1%.

Analysts believe that the reason for the large change in China's color TV market share is that domestic brands have benefited from the government's subsidy for energy-saving benefits. According to sources, the government will release a new round of subsidies next year, and domestic brands will continue to benefit.

Another important reason is that the domestic color TV companies have established their industrial chain advantages to help them grow. At present, TCL's investment in the China Star Optoelectronic Panel project is mainly focused on the production of 32-inch LCD panels, which has helped TCL succeed in the 32-inch LCD TV segment. TCL also hopes to expand the scale of this business in other emerging economies.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics’ marketing strategy is increasingly focused on expanding high-end TV product sales in mature economies and promoting entry-level TV sales in emerging economies.

At the same time, although Taiwanese panel makers have recently received a large number of panel purchase orders from mainland color TV manufacturers, as the government plans to increase investment in the Chinese panel industry, Taiwanese panel companies may face more severe challenges in the future.

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