Several suggestions for the LED lighting industry

Compared with the popularity of the previous period, the recent view of the LED lighting market has gradually become more rational.

LED lighting prospects are good, LED lighting will replace traditional lighting products in the future, then "how to turn this beautiful vision into reality" has become a must for every business involved in the production, processing and sales of LED lighting products. Thinking about the problem.

As we all know, compared with our foreign counterparts, we do not have an advantage in the R&D technology of LEDs. This is why there are a lot of low-end products in the market, and high-end products are rare. High-level foreign-funded products have hit the already fragile domestic market and monopolized the vast majority of market share. How can we get a place? How can we become more and more fierce in the LED market today, do our long-term, avoid shortcomings, turn disadvantages into advantages, and improve our market competitiveness? Le Bai for Xiaobian suggested that the majority of businesses can try from the following three aspects:

First, ensure the quality and seriously make products

To ensure the quality of the LED products produced by LED manufacturers is excellent, this is a prerequisite for subsequent entry into the LED market and participation in the industry competition. If we have no technical advantage, if we can no longer guarantee the quality of our products, and do not say that we will compete with similar products, I am afraid that even the door of the market cannot be opened.

Both the East and the West have the saying that "one point is worth the price", and because we have always gained market share in a "cheap" way, and the objective existence of a large number of counterfeit and shoddy products on the market, many consumers have been caused. For the misunderstanding of domestically produced goods, and then under the same conditions, it is more inclined to choose similar products from abroad. Therefore, Le Baiwei Xiaobian believes that if we can seriously make products, guarantee the quality of our products, do not falsify, and gain the trust of consumers, so even if we lack the technology to do high-end products, we can seize a certain market. The share continues to grow and grow.

Second, market segmentation is guided by customer needs

After having the guarantee of excellent quality products and obtaining a relatively stable market share, Le Baiwei believes that LED production and sales merchants can subdivide all their markets, and take the actual needs of customers as production guidance to enhance the merchants themselves. Competitive strength.

Market segmentation refers to the market segmentation process of a certain product group by marketers through market research and based on differences in consumer needs and desires, purchasing behaviors and purchasing habits. Each consumer group is a market segment, and each market segment is a group of consumers with similar demand trends.

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