Several settings for computer privacy

In Word or Excel, select the "Tools" menu, then select the "Options" menu item, then go to the "General" tab, in the "General Options" to cancel the "list recently used files (R)" in front of the check box Check mark.

You can click the "Settings" menu item in the "Start" menu, then select "Task Bar and Start Menu", go to "Task Bar and Start Menu", and then select "Advanced" tab, click on the tab "Clear (C)" button is fine.

This step is to clear the files contained in the "Documents" menu item in the Windows "Start" menu and hide these files.

Temporary files stored by the various applications in the WINDOWS\TEMP folder should be periodically deleted to remove these fragmented texts.

Protect important documents

Password protection for important files, which is easy to implement in Word and Excel. Select "File", "Save As", then "General Options" in "Tools", enter the password in "Open Permission Password" and "Modify Permission Password", it is best not to use the real word and date as the password You can mix letters, numbers, and punctuation so that passwords are hard to crack. Of course, every time you open and modify a document, you must enter a password.

To clear the entire history, select "Internet Options" in the "Tools" menu, then select the "General" tab and click the "Clear History" button.

You can visit the website by the following method, and the used URL will not be recorded: In the browser, you can press Ctrl-O key, and then enter the URL address in the dialog box.

This step can make the visited URL not be recorded.

To clear the information in the cache, in Internet Explorer, select "Internet Options" in the "Tools" menu, then go to the "General" tab and click the "Delete Files" button.

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