Ryder Optoelectronics "phase change cooling LED integrated high power module" passed the identification

[High-tech LED News] Recently, the “phase-change cooling LED integrated high-power module” independently developed by Anhui Ryder Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. passed the new product appraisal organized by the Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Committee.

The modular design of the product uses a homogeneous temperature plate light source module and a heat pipe cooling system developed by a phase change cooling technology that efficiently enhances heat transfer. The heat transfer is rapid, the temperature uniformity is good, and the LED junction temperature is effectively reduced, and there is no obvious light decay (6000 hours/ The ring temperature is 30 ° C), which improves the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED module.

In addition, it is based on a uniform temperature plate with special composite surface treatment, which realizes the integrated packaging of high-power LED modules, and has the advantages of high brightness, high reliability and strong environmental adaptability. The iterative optimization design of the high-transmission curved lens ensures that the brightness uniformity is above 0.7. The modular design of the product is compatible with the advantages of traditional lamps, and the product performance is stable, the structure is reasonable, and the cost performance is high.

Deluxe Rice Cooker


Deluxe Rice Cooker was one of electric type rice cooker  , but it`s the most popular type of electric rice cooker . especially famous in Southeast Asia area with its good appearances with various functions. Not only its outer shell could be customized with different demands, but also it speeding cooking  , saving times and electricity, enhancing our lifestyle


The inner pot is made of solid and durable aluminum alloy of high intensity  , such as non-stick inner pot , stainless steel inner pot and honeycomb patterned inner pot with non-stick coating.

There are some models that use stainless steel instead of aluminium  .Various other materials, such as copper, pure carbon, ceramic, and diamond powder coating, may be used for higher heat conductivity or better taste.



Multifunction , can cooking rice, soup and much more. added cooking versatility with supplied steam tray.

Some rice cookers have settings for congee, a type of rice porridge called okayu in Japanese, Juk in Korea, and zhou in Chinese.

More elaborate recipes are possible using a rice cooker, and there are cookbooks devoted entirely to dishes prepared using a rice cooker. It is possible to cook soups, stews or sponge cakes in electric rice cookers. By simply adding ingredients and setting it to "warm", a rice cooker cooks the contents at about 65 Â°C (150 Â°F). In a few hours, the stew is fully cooked and ready to eat.

Deluxe Rice Cooker

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