Philips LED light source boosts plant breeding

In order to make the production of flowers less restricted by environmental factors and meet the demand of customers for high-quality products, Drechterland Breeding Company of Friesland, the Netherlands, took the lead in installing LED light sources in the ornamental flower breeding work with good results. The company is a world-renowned professional breeder and seed producer dedicated to the production of F1 seeds and open pollination flower seeds.

LED lighting fill light technology is a successful attempt of the Dutch company in the flower and horticulture industry. Pan American Seed Company installed the Philips LED light source at the Kevt Seed Company in the Netherlands. It was found that the LED light source can promote seed rooting and seedling growth. , to improve the consistency of seedling growth. Experiments show that you can install more than 7000 LED lights at a cost of 12,000 Euros, 15% of which are blue and 85% of red, and the life of LEDs is 10 times that of fluorescent lamps. It can be easily used within three years. The cost is recovered and the power saving effect is obvious.

"The company has installed a new LED lighting system and is working more closely with Philips. Today, the company has benefited from this new technology," said William Kupman, a specialist in seed germination at the Pantech plant. In the case of 30% power saving, it not only ensures a more stable light source during the growth stage of the seedling, but also improves the efficiency of the company's quality inspection department. In addition, in order to provide the grower with information about seed germination, the company is still in the budding test. A special LED lighting system is installed in the cabin to capture the exact information of the upcoming new varieties of seeds.

Eric Jensen, customer service manager of LED Horticulture Department of Philips, said: "The company is working with various departments of the Paula Horticulture Company in the United States. It is currently used by the Pantech plant in the Netherlands, which is controlled by Paul Horticulture. Good results. The use of LED lights in the cutting seedling production base of the Netherlands Florensis company in Africa is also very obvious. According to the research results of plant physiologists, the LED light source is equipped at the right time to ensure the required light source of the plant.

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