NEC optical super channel technology realizes long-distance transmission of large-capacity data

NEC has successfully developed an optical super channel technology that can transmit large-capacity data to an ultra-long distance of 10,000 kilometers at a speed of 1Tb (Terabit) per second; this technology is called the world ’s first successful 1Tb produced by a single light source. The experimental results of long-distance transmission of optical signals.

In addition, the experiment can transmit data through 4 super channels at the same time by using the multiplexing technology, so the total data transmission amount can reach 4 Tb per second. NEC said that through the full use of the advantages of optical super channel technology, intercontinental high-speed transmission of large-capacity data will no longer be an unattainable dream.

In the past, different light wave bands could only accept signal transmission in this band. The optical super-channel technology developed by NEC can change the phase of each subcarrier signal (a unit of measurement describing the change in signal waveform), and overlap various signals into the same frequency band. . This not only allows the best use of bandwidth, but also accelerates the transmission rate of a single light source.

NEC pointed out that this experiment used the existing erbium fiber amplifier and DP-QPSK optical modulation technology, plus the use of expanded core ultra-low loss fiber and digital synchronous receiving technology, through the integration of the most advanced hardware equipment to ensure High-speed transmission of large-capacity data.

In addition, NEC has introduced commercial fiber optic submarine cable endpoint devices that can accommodate 40 Gb (Gigabit) transmission rates per second. In the existing large-scale optical fiber submarine cable system, using the 40 Gb multiple transmission method of the current transmission speed of 4 times for long-distance data transmission, it once again proved that NEC has the most advanced technical capabilities in the research, development and application of optical transmission .

NEC has been continuously cultivating the marine system business for more than 30 years, has the highest level of construction performance in the global submarine cable business, and builds the world's major submarine cable systems with the Asia-Pacific region as the center. NEC will continue to strengthen the business of optical fiber submarine cable systems in the future. Through years of expertise in the field of network communication and social infrastructure, we are committed to creating a convenient network communication environment.

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